Obama’s Surgeon General Pick Slammed Over Her Weight


I don’t approve of Dr. Regina M. Benjamin.  I think she is a liberal, socialist hack.  But, she does not deserve the disgusting treatment she is receiving because of her size.

In America, being overweight is the worst possible sin there is.  Nothing is worse.  Those of us who are considered “obese” are basically treated as sub-human.  We are allowed to have no feelings.  We have no rights.  We are to be denigrated and verbally abused.  We are also subjected so sub-par medical treatment that will only get worse under Obamacare.

Evidently Cavuto did a hit piece on the woman.

“…“I thank God that Dr. Regina Benjamin is a fat woman,” said Joanne Ikeda, a nutrition specialist at the University of California, Berkeley. “Maybe now we will stop making the assumption that all fat people are unhealthy particularly in light of new data coming from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.”

Data from that survey show that more than half of so-called overweight people are metabolically healthy, compared to one-quarter or about 16.3 million adults 20 years or older, who are “metabolically abnormal.”

The study emphasizes looking at a person’s metabolic health — blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and sugar level indicators — as a better diagnostic tool for future health problems.

“I am appalled that this amount of bias and discrimination exist regarding large people,” said Steven Blair, professor of exercise science at Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina. “The focus should be on Dr. Benjamin’s credentials and accomplishments. What difference does her size make?”…”