Fighting for Iran’s Freedom


“…Now is the time to come to the aid of the Iranian people. We must deny the regime the tools they desperately need to continue repressing their own people.” Lindsey Graham

If you “Google” VOICE Act, you will soon discover that the Iranian hard-liners are very unhappy with John McCain, Lindsey, Joe Lieberman, Ted Kauffman, and Robert Casey.  They’re also ticked with the US in general.  It seems they just don’t approve of our freedom.

Believe it or not?

The US Senate has (unanimously) approved funds to help Iran’s opposition defeat crackdowns on the news and the internet since the election last June. Lindsey, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Democrats Ted Kaufman and Robert Casey authored and sponsored the VOICE Act (Victims of Iranian Censorship Act.

“….As this cruel regime works to close off Iranian society, the VOICE Act, by providing assistance for broadcasting and new Internet and communications technologies, will help to open it up,” said McCain….”

Thirty million dollars will go to expanding Radio Free Europe’s Farsi-language broadcasts, and will also be used to help counter the Iranian government as they jam radio, satellite, and internet transmissions. Another twenty million will go to creating a special fund that wil help develope ways for freedom fighters in Iran to counter the governments attempt to block the flow of information in Iran.

The WTimes version of the story, which features John McCain and Joe Lieberman does not credit Lindsey, Kaufman, or Casey as being part of the bill’s authors and sponsors.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Interestingly the bill also does the following:

“…Requires a report by the President on non-Iranian companies, including corporations with U.S. subsidiaries, that have aided the Iranian government’s Internet censorship efforts, including by providing deep packet inspection technology.

Authorizes $5 million for the Secretary of State to document, collect, and dissemination information about human rights in Iran, including abuses of human rights that have taken place since the June 12 Iranian election….”


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