FYI – Obama Has Screwed NASA, As Promised


In another Pink Flamingo I Told You So, I told you Obama would screw NASA.

Well …

It looks like he has.

American Space has the news:

“…apparently re-awakened campaign promise to cut NASA’s Constellation program in lieu of…well, some spending program apparently very much more important than our return to the Moon. So much for the post-Columbia Accident notion that NASA needs a mission that pushes it outward. Meanwhile, astronauts continue to complete the International Space Station in the very same low-Earth orbit America’s space program has been stuck in for 36 years. And in Washington, USMC Major General Charles Bolden was sworn-in as NASA’s Administrator, not by the sitting Vice-President, as was the case for President Bush’s NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, but by some non-descript someone. Not to be forgotten, Norm Augustine was asked few weeks ago to come in, take a look at the Constellation, Shuttle, and ISS Programs and tell the Administration and Congress how to extricate our space program’s noggin from from it’s petard…oh and by the way Norm, if you could, please tell us what our rocket architecture should be for returning to low-Earth orbit because we are, after all, shutting down the Shuttle program, eviscerating funding for the Moon program, and won’t be going anywhere beyond Earth orbit for what looks like another 36 years….”


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