Christian Executed for Distributing Bibles


A 33 year old mother of three, Ri Hyon Ok was executed in North Korea last month.  Her public execution was due to “spying”.  She was distributing Bibles.

As many as 30,000 Christians in North Korea live in fear of being discovered and executed like Ri Hyon Ok.

“...Ri, the North Korean Christian, reportedly was executed in the northwestern city of Ryongchon – near the border with China.

“North Korea appears to have judged that Christian forces could pose a threat to its regime,” Do Hee-youn, a leading activist, told reporters Friday in Seoul.

The South Korean rights report also said North Korean security agents arrested and tortured another Christian, Seo Kum Ok, 30, near Ryongchon. She was accused of trying to spy on a nuclear site and hand the information over to South Korea and the United States.

It was unclear whether she survived, the report said. Her husband also was arrested and their two children have since disappeared, it said.

The U.S. government commission report cited defectors as saying an estimated 6,000 Christians are jailed in “Prison No. 15″ in the north of the country, with religious prisoners facing worse treatment than other inmates.

In Seoul, the rights group said it would try to take North Korean leader Kim to the International Criminal Court over alleged crimes against humanity.

Activists say such alleged crimes – murder, kidnap, rape, extermination of individuals in prison camps – can’t take place in North Korea without Kim’s knowledge or direction since he wields absolute power over the population of 24 million….”


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