The Dan Quayle Treatment


Mike Huckabee had Dan Quayle on his show this weekend.  Instead of the drooling idiot the left has defined, Dan Quayle is a distinguished, well spoken, extremely well read, erudite, opinionated statesman who obviously did not deserve the horrible treatment and the vile reputation tossed at him.

Enter Sarah Palin, and exit Sarah Palin, taking a few members of the press with her.

By now it should be obvious the Dems are absolutely terrified of Sarah Palin.  It should also be obvious their plan is to denigrate and defame. They should be.  She’s not ruling out running for POTUS.

John Coale, who is closely associated with Sarah Palin’s legal fund blames the Obama Administration for the numerous ethics complaints filed against SP.  While this is going on,  yet another ethics complaint by Andree McLeod dies a merciful death.

McLeod is so outrageous she once complained about women in her office wearing their tops too low cut.  She’s also furious because SP did not have the good sense to hire her for some position or other.  Makes a heck of a lot of sense.

The quickest way to stop this do-do is to force anyone who files needless complaints and lawsuits to pay all costs if they lose.  It would shut people like McLeod up – unless they were being funded by someone rather important.

The völkisch state must see to it that only the healthy beget children …. Here the state must act as the guardian of a millennial future …. It must put the most modern medical means in the service of this knowledge. It must declare unfit for propagation all who are in any way visibly sick or who have inherited a disease and can therefore pass it on.”

Sarah Palin did not have a problem with Democrats in Alaska, or anywhere else, until Trig was born and liberals discovered he is a Downs child.  If Sarah Palin had chosen to abort her imperfect child, she would be a heroine today.  Instead, Sarah Palin did what was right, honorable, decent, and what our faith requires.  Consequently Sarah Palin had to be destroyed.

It worked with Dan Quayle.

Why not stick with something that works and not re-invent the wheel.  The Dems destroyed Dan Quayle and they figure they can do the same to Sarah Palin.

P. S.  I wonder if they are going to try additional ethics complaints?


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  1. I just think these perspiring ignorami with their signs and their obesity and their thinning hair and the their jowls of the commonality are not our kind of people. i doubt if many of them have read anything much less Hamlet or The Quixote or Moby Dick. Not our kind of people really.

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