Another Sanford Scandal to Hit the Fan?


SC’s “bad boy” blog, FTS is reporting that Mark Sanford may have had a “love nest” in DC when he was in Congress.

Is this the next you know what to hit the fan?

Who paid for Sanford’s DC apartment?

The Pink Flamingo told you ages ago Sanford was NOT the great conservative savior.  I love being right.  P. S.  Neither is Jim DeMint.


2 thoughts on “Another Sanford Scandal to Hit the Fan?

  1. Demint is a crazy- Who else says on the record that he thinks single or divorced mothers should not be allowed to teach… as a ways of defending previous comments that only hetrosexuals should be allow to teach? No one takes him seriously in Washington & many republican and democrats says that those around demint and his office leave much to be desired.

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