In Praise of “Birthers”


The Pink Flamingo knows good and well that Barack Obama was born in the US.  But – it’s just so much fun playing with Democrats and driving them bonkers.  There are questions I would like to see answered, papers I think should be produced, like college transcripts this sort of thing.

It’s just a little diversion.  Hot Air has a great post about Robert Gibbs weighting in on the subject.   Gibbs says nothing will satisfy them.  Welcome to life in the Big Leagues.  Ever heard of 9/11 Truthers?  CBS Weighs in.  Then the Politico says it is a GOP headache.

After all, Barack Obama and his mindless minions are bullies.  BUT – something else is afoot.  Is the whole “birther” movement driving the Dems crazy or are they using it as subtrafuge to change the story on Obama’s probems.

We are being treated to a full, Move On Court Press denigrating anyone who questions Obama – about anything.  But, the whole birther fun is driving them crazy.


What are these big time liberal jack-asses (actual Democratic mascot, so give me a break) getting their undies in a wad (if indeed they wear them)?

1.  There is a collective indignation over the story.  (Don’t you like my use of “collective”?)

2.  They are trying to change the subject.

3.  Something has hit a nerve.  No, not the birth thing, but something else.  Now, what is that something else?

4.  They are changing the subject from health care.

Memeorandum has a litany of liberal blogs, writers, etc. who are making fun of birthers today.  Even more fun is the fact that almost every one of these “sources” is using the very same material.  We conservative Republicans are guilty of a pile, on, but at least we don’t all do the very same thing.  I don’t know about you but just the fact that it is exactly the same thing is rather fascinating.

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I noticed that the SPLC is using the issue to call for the canning of Lou Dobbs.  While I am all for dumping both Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck as a service to humanity, I can’t see dumping them over this.  The libs are trying to make it a racial issue.  They don’t seem to realize it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the fact that Barack Obama is perhaps the most corrupt POTUS we’ve ever had, Tea Pot Dome included.