Changes in Pink Flamingo Blogging (Temporary)


The Pink Flamingo is going to be changing the way she does business blogging for several months.  For awhile posting is going to be more about commentary than “news”.  Commentary takes less time, trust me.

Currently several things are going on in The Pink Flamingo’s pathetic life.  First, and most importantly, the parents are okay, but after the fall my mother took a few weeks ago, changes must be made.  Her back is miserable.  She’s in a heck of a lot of pain and basically incapacitated for a few more weeks.  They live about 20 miles from where I do.  I’m making at least 5 trips a week back and forth to check on them, deliver medication, food, and do a little frozen food cooking.  I’m also facing the fact that this is going to be the new way of life.  It beats the alternative, trust me.

Monday morning I was up early to go to the audiologist with the pater.  I wanted to find out what was going on with his hearing.  He’s having memory problems.  The first thing is to elemente any “damage” that may be the result of a serious hearing loss.  I discovered his hearing loss is far more serious than even my mother lead me to believe.  It could account for some of the problems we are experiencing.

One of my best friends was born with a serious hearing problem.  The other day she explained to me some of the problems he could be having.  The audiologist basically said the same thing.

We can deal with that.

Then I’ve finally started on the new book.  The publisher and I have a plan.  I’m going to be the one laying out and inserting about 1000 photos.  Currently it is taking a good 30 minutes per photo.  Then before I do that, each photo must be scanned and “retouched” to make it as sharp as possible.

It is extremely time consuming, but amazingly I am discovering that there are more political implications to the whole theme that I could ever imagine!


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