Harry Teague on Socialized Medicine


The fillowing is the text of an email I sent to Congressman Harry Teague on July 19.   To date he has not responded.

“Dear Congressman Teague;

Do you plan to opt out of the health care plan you are currently a part of as a member of Congress and use the same one that will be forced on the rest of us?

I gather you realize that the current plans to socialize medicine are not going over too well here in Lincoln County.  As a care-giver to two elderly parents both who have some serious health problems, I am extremely concerned that they will no longer be allowed to receive the excellent care they currently have.

The current plans are called “Kill the Elderly”.   Do you plan to vote along with the majority of House Democrats and destroy the finest medical system available?  Is it your plan to vote for the “Kill the Elderly” plans that are a death sentence to people like my parents?”

Evidently what is going on with Teague is status quo for NM elected Democrats.  The NM GOP ha sent the following press release out:

“…Why Won’t Heinrich Talk About Feedback Received on Health Care Debate?
“Will he consider what his constituents are saying … or will he simply continue his pattern of voting in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi?”

ALBUQUERQUE—Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass the Democrats’ health care legislation.  So, why won’t Representative Heinrich (D-NM First Congressional District) clarify his position on the issue and reveal what his constituents have to say about the debate?

“Ultimately Heinrich was elected to represent the interests of his district,” stated Ryan Cangiolosi, the party’s executive director.  “Will he consider what his constituents are saying about this critical piece of legislation or will he simply continue his pattern of voting in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi?”

Recently, the Albuquerque Journal twice highlighted Heinrich’s unwillingness to discuss the feedback his office has received regarding the current debate on health care.  On Friday, an article noted that all members of the delegation—except Martin Heinrich—provided some information concerning the nature of responses pouring into the delegation offices.  Heinrich also refused to be interviewed for the story.

On Sunday, a Journal editorial noted, “…The refusal of his [Heinrich’s] office to talk about the volume and nature of public feedback is as puzzling as it is amateurish.”

“Heinrich earned his reputation as a reliable vote for the left-wing of the Democratic Party when he voted to pass a $787 billion stimulus package, without reading the bill’s contents, and when he voted in support of a national energy tax,” continued Cangiolosi.  Most New Mexicans do not want a representative who rubberstamps legislation advanced in Congress by San Francisco liberals.”…”


3 thoughts on “Harry Teague on Socialized Medicine

  1. What will a government run health care plan look like?
    We don’t need to go to Canada or England to find out.
    We have a government run health care program right here in the States.
    It’s call the VA.
    The VA runs the largest integrated health-care system in the country, with more than 1,400 hospitals, clinics and nursing homes employing 14,800 doctors and 61,000 nurses. And by a number of measures, this government-managed health-care program–socialized medicine on a small scale–is beating the marketplace. For the sixth year in a row, VA hospitals last year scored higher than private facilities on the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index, based on patient surveys on the quality of care received.
    If you want to know what socialized medicine is like. Just ask a vet.

  2. Not only kill the elderly but limit coverage for the handicapped. I’ve read this horrible bill and there is plenty of loose language to allow health care program managers to do almost anything to limit access. Look at Oregon’s mess. Procedures are rated and if you are a 60+ male with prostate cancer good luck!

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