Embattled Teague Refuses to Take NM Phone Calls!


This afternoon around 2PM I called Harry Teague’s DC office.  That would make it 4PM in DC.  Granted on a Friday afternoon this would be futile because everyone would be gone, but not on a Wednesday.

I was greeted by a canned voice mail that the staff was not in the office, they’d left for the day. Their office hours ended at 5PM.  I was talking to a friend who is considered rather important here in New Mexico.  Teague is refusing to take his calls, also.

Harry Teague has a lot to worry about. He’s very out of place here, like a surfer at White Sands.  It’s too bad Steve Pearce isn’t in office already yet!

The NM GOP sent out the following release:

The Hill: NRCC picks top challengers as Young Guns

Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) included two New Mexico Republicans— former Congressman Steve Pearce (CD2) and Albuquerque lawyer and businessman Jon Barela (CD1)—among the first 13 candidates in its new Young Guns program.

According to the NRCC, candidates included in the new program “must demonstrate a base of support, develop a media messaging plan for the race and show they are capable of raising enough money to get their message out.”


8 thoughts on “Embattled Teague Refuses to Take NM Phone Calls!

  1. The building that Congressman Teague’s office is in was evacuated for several hours yesterday afternoon because of a suspicious package in the building. That is most likely the reason why no one was able to answer your call.

  2. Pearce in office? Heh. If he listened to New Mexicans maybe he would have been able to break 40 percent statewide.

    And maybe even beat his opponent in his home district. But he didn’t.

    All Republicans have are retreads from the past, they have no new ideas and their only goal is to block anything from happening, down to petty holds by Senators for presidential appointees to make their petty political points.

    BTW, calling a guy who will be near 65 when the election rolls around a “Young Gun” could only apply to the Republican Party.

  3. Is T. Harry MIA?

    I was looking forward to attending one of his town hall meetings in August.

    Looking at his website shows that it hasn’t been updated in 15 to 20 days at least.

    Haven’t seen his big, private Cessna jet flying about.

    Come on T Harry, you Pelosi Lap Dog, come out and play.

  4. Hey, T Harry the Pelosi lap dog is sending his staff out to feel the heat. Carlsbad, Reserve, & Grants. Don’t get burned.

    Endangered Species = Incumbent Congressman

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