Is an Independent Hit on the GOP Coming?


Something nasty this way comes….in the form of Libertarians, third party hacks, and ACORN, etc.  They’re going to make sure the GOP goes down in flames in 2010.  If we could count on Libertarians (who have no honor or decency), Ron Paul Bots, and the Third Parties to behave themselves we could re-take the House and Senate.  As it is, I don’t know who is worse, the Libertarians, Ron Paul Bots, independents or Obama and his little ACORN nuts.   I don’t know who I trust the least.   At least we know what Obama and his little ACORN nuts are up to.

We don’t now what the Libertarian agenda is – other than destroying the country.

Case in point – Norm Coleman.  If a Losertarian candidate had not split the vote, Al Franken would not be the 60th Dem.

The reason Oklahoma has a Democrat as a governor is because of Losertarians.

I think Libertarians and third party hacks are sociopaths.  They have no conscience, and they certainly are not patriots.

By now, regular Pink Flamingo readers know The Pink Flamingo has very little respect or patience for “independent” or third party conservatives.  It’s difficult enough dealing with the far right wing of the GOP, let alone being forced to endure the self-righteous platitudes and anti-GOP posturings from independents.

The Pink Flamingo learned something this morning.  A regular PF reader was telling me that the people who make comments and posts saying they are NEVER going to donate to the GOP again, are trolls for either the Dems, third parties, or Losertarians.   This person was pointing out to me how to look for Freeper trolls who are out to damage the GOP.  In other words, the people who are nasty about our Republican stalwarts are NOT Republicans and are up to no good.

My friend emailed:

“…On FR, there are Dems being paid and pretty easy to spot but there is a push on to get people to go independent or 3rd party.  I don’t know how many times I see, I am not donating to the GOP ever again to which I reply when did you donate the first time?   Today I told someone that writing off the whole GOP because of five Republicans going to vote for Sotomayer is wrong because half of the Dems voted for Roberts and you didn’t see the Dems writing them off.   Then I said something to the effect that there are people a lot worse then Sotomayer waiting in the wings.

I think it is orchestrated by the Dems, Libertarians, and the Republican Assemblies/Religious Right crowd.  The people doing the attacks are not too swift and they use the same words.  Reason I throw in the Republican Assemblies is that all of our nutcases here in OK starting with Rep Sally Kern belong to the Oklahoma Republican Assemby which is telling.   That organization is so far right it is going to fall off the edge of the earth.   I don’t know how it is in other states, but they are the “purist” and wouldn’t vote for Ronald Reagan if he ran today….”

It makes a heck of a lot of sense to me.  I’ve never known Republicans to be vile or vicious (unless it was a good primary fight, and then they used good manners).  This is something else, almost filthy in the scope of nastiness.  In fact, I’m about ready to call it for what it is – pure evil.

We are in a fight for the life of the very soul of our nation.  Right now the GOP is targeting some 80 Dems to take out next year.  It is about winning.  It is about getting a GOP majority in order to block the horrific things the Dems have been doing.

It is not about purity.  It is not about Ron Paul and his little band of demagogues who are going to do whatever is necessary to either take over the GOP or destroy it.   If you use Adam Kokesh as case in point here in NM, we have a very serious problem with very nasty Ron Paul Bots trying to basically remake the nation in Ron Paul’s racist image, or destroy the country trying.

It appears that FOX is having an editorial make-over, and is now terribly anti-Republican.  Libertarians, and independents are being promoted above rational Republicans.  I’ve noticed in the past few days, the GOP is taking a hit from such luminaries as Michelle Malkin (I hate Lindsey Graham) to Tammy Bruce (I hate the GOP), to the always insufferable Glenn Beck, who has this nasty little idiot sigh when someone says the word “Republican”.   All that matters is that good Republicans must be denigrated at all costs.

John Batchelor, no friend of the GOP is trying to lump the “birthers’ with the rank and file GOP.

“…The answer may be that the birther phenomenon is a mutation of a political virus called incoherence. Incoherence is fatal. It killed the Whigs (and led to the creation of the Republicans); it killed the Klan and the American communists. The birther mutation looks to erase what remains of the GOP’s credibility with the electorate, already at an all-time low and still sinking to third- and fourth-party numbers, if there were a third or a fourth party…”

What John Batchelor isn’t saying, nor is Glenn Beck is the fact that they are Libertarian Losertarian and very anti-GOP.  They really don’t care about helping the country or doing what is right as long as they obstruct the Republican Party and prevent a GOP take-over next fall.

It is about killing the GOP.

When irrational ideologues like Batchelor, Beck, Malkin and the like continue to do what they do, I question their actual patriotism.

Today on Laura Ingraham’s show, Lindsey was able to back her down and force her to agree at the end of the day it is about winning elections and protecting the country.


7 thoughts on “Is an Independent Hit on the GOP Coming?

  1. There is one litmus test when deciding for whom to vote. Will they abide by their Constitutional Oath of Office?

    It’s quite simple. What is the point of having a GOP majority if they are going to act like Democrats anyway. That is why the GOP has problems.

    Forunately, many Republicans are starting to learn the error of their ways and hopefully by 2010 the country will be ready to return many Republicans to power. However, I predict those “moderate to liberal” Republicans will have some serious problems raising money and gaining votes, and in my opinion for very good reason.

    If Republicans do take back power, but the Conservative wing of the party doesn’t take control, we will likely be back in the minority two years later.

  2. Yes, and you know Andrew Napolitano of FoxNews is another Losertarian. He is featured at Ron Paul’s upcoming BBQ scheduled for Aug. 15th.

    You are also right about John Batchelor. Frequently, I find his missives interesting and insightful but I never, ever forget that he has no allegiance to rebuilding the GOP or offering any meaningful ideas.

    Beck is for Beck. Disarray, chaos, and a constant State of Fear favor Beck’s personal ventures and bank account. He must be catching some flak because recently he has mentioned the need to “provide solutions,” of which he has zero. (Whatever happened to his 9/12 project, by the way?)

    So now Glenny is asking his *billions* of fans to weigh in with solutions, and give him a bunch of things to yammer about, inconclusively. What will materialize will be a mish mosh of sorta kindas and perpetually undoable fantasies. So he can give the appearance of contributing something useful, while keeping his billions of minions in a state of frustrated inaction and irrational anger. Anyone who watches Beck seriously should be advised that he does not mean to serve. He means to mess with your head, divide and conquer.

  3. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Ron Paul and his big band of “demagogues” will stop at nothing until they’ve stomped the GOP’s pro-war career politicians and party-name loyalists into the ground like the narrow-minded, fearful worms they are.

    But wait a minute — calling Ron Paul a racist is *so* 2008. Haven’t you heard? He’s a homophobe now, so get with it.

    As far as “destroying the country” — what could be worse than what’s already happening? Thanks to the GOP’s Bush/Cheney regime, you’ve got the Patriot Act, unConstitutional war/occupations and the Federal Reserve debilitating the economy. Obama the Puppet Master is merely continuing on with the same agenda of total power and country-destroying.

    When you can’t tell the two major parties apart, you’ve got a real problem — it’s called tyranny.

    Sorry to hear you don’t know what the *agenda* of the Liberty-minded Americans is — are you so filled with that much blind prejudice and fear that you’re not even willing to find out? I’ll make it simple for you — basically, it would be following the Constitution, and getting the federal government and private banks out of Americans’ private lives and pockets.

    And who gives a crap about Glenn Beck anyway?

    Take that hill, Adam Kokesh! Run, Rand Paul, Run!

  4. You can take it to the bank that a lot of the attacks right now are orchestrated when you see the same comments on each site saying that all incumbents should be defeated.


    We have some very good Conservatives in the House and Senate that are not only upholding conservative principles but fighting for all of us every day. They are trying to stop Cap and Trade in the Senate and Obamacare in both Houses but they need support.

    What gets me are the people that say the two parties are alike when most of the Blue Dogs have ACU ratings 25 and below which makes them liberal. How anyone can call them conservative is beyond me but the media does all the time.

    The difference between Republicans and Democrats is huge and getting wider every day which may be why the 3rd party types want to wreck GOP candidates. It is not going to work because a lot of us are onto the so-called ‘purist’ that would rather lose and stand on principle which gave us Obama and the Dem control. Maybe they are happy but I am not even a little happy!

  5. That’s hilarious, SJR! I’ve always thought this website was designed to destroy the Republicans by promoting an agenda nearly identical to the Democrats.

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