The Conservative War Against Lindsey Graham (and the GOP)


“…I have no desire to be up here in an irrelevant status. I’m smart enough to know that this country doesn’t have a problem with conservatives. It has a problem with blind ideology. And those who are ideological-driven to a fault are never going to be able to take this party back into relevancy….”  Lindsey Graham

Lindsey has basically called down the collective thunder from the far right, very few of whom are actually conservative.  This time it is over his vote for Sonia Sotomayor.  I’ve found very few complaints from Lindsey’s constituents from South Carolina, which is rather interesting. Instead, far right conservatives from all over the country, 90% of them either independent or reluctant Republicans, and very few of them from South Carolina.

Could it be that the far right is out of step with South Carolina that is the most Republican state in the country?  It is rather fascinating.

Conservatives will consider it a badge of dishonor because Lindsey is being hailed as an honorable man for doing what is right.  Or – is there something else going on?  Evidently Lindsey is one of the few Republicans who actually thinks there could be something important in the Hispanic community.

In fact, with the exception of the misc. Bush Brothers, Lindsey is one of the few Republicans who understands the political realities of a growing Hispanic population.

“…...[T]he evidence is that after [the GOP] making major inroads, Hispanics have turned toward the Democratic party in the last two election cycles. Big time. Compare that to how my brother did and how I did and how other Republican candidates have done in the past and you can see a trend line that’s quite disturbing….”

We all know the abject anti-Hispanic racism of independent conservatives like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck have caused much of the problem.  Malkin is still making fun of Lindsey for speaking out against an anti-Hispanic neo-Nazi presence in South Carolina.  Strange, isn’t it?

In an article in the Politico about Lindsey Graham, Erick Erickson said a mouthful, and revealed the difference between the far right and real Republicans.

“…“Graham rarely has support from conservative activists except from the pro-life crowd, which may suffer with this,” said Erick Erickson, who runs the influential conservative Red State blog. “He gets the establishment Republican support, which is enough for him in South Carolina.”

Elected to a second term in 2008, Graham has six years to go before he faces voters again, and he won a primary against a little-known opponent last year with 67 percent of the vote. The American Conservative Union says Graham supports its pet causes 90 percent of the time, but his support largely hails from Republican voters who are not as conservative as the loyal party activists in South Carolina.

Those activists generally favor South Carolina’s junior GOP senator, Jim DeMint, perhaps the most conservative member of the Senate….”

I’ve noticed that the far right detests Lindsey.  It is interesting to note that the majority of these people hold their nose if they are Republicans because WE, the NORMAL and average members of the GOP are not good enough for them.  We’re not ideologically pure. We want to win.  It is also fascinating how intellectually dishonest the far right is, ignoring facts that don’t suit their narrow little purpose

Sorry, I don’t give a rip about ideology, I want to win elections.  The far, extreme right  –  the kind of people who hate Lindsey Graham can’t win.  The Pink Flamingo has been telling Republican for years now that there is a difference between the far right and the GOP.  Nothing does more to prove my point than the comments from the extreme right about Lindsey’s vote on the Sotomayor nomination.


We’re talking Constitution Party members being arrogant enough to tell Republicans how they should vote.

John Birchers want to start a recall campaign against Lindsey.

The California Conservative features links to the racist VDare, which tells you where they stand.

I guess it doesn’t matter that Lindsey and John Boehner vote almost the same on almost every major issues.

‘…Exactly right.* Tastes differ. Some people like the genteel ways of the Senate compared to the cutthroat partisanship of the House. Others feel that Senators act like self-important blowhards and respect the gritty determination of the House. But that’s just about personalities. On the big issues of the day, Graham and Boehner are very similar (no carbon pricing, no tax increases for any reason, neo-Hooverite approach to the recession) and Obama and Waxman are also very similar. And these positions on the issues matter. A lot. These are literally life and death differences for many people….”


10 thoughts on “The Conservative War Against Lindsey Graham (and the GOP)

  1. Lindsey Graham is absolutely no Conservative nor is his master John McCain.

    Read Burke, read Classical Liberalism and quit comparing John Birchers to Conservatives, who know who and what they are.

    Sotomayor is a Leftist ideologue and lied and lied in her confirmation hearing but Graham has no principles so he votes for a life appointment to SCOTUS for an intellectual dunce and Marxist/Racist.

    This Conservative is not intellectually dishonest but intellectual superior to the RINOs in the GOP. Indeed!

  2. Conservatives like you are going to maintain Obama’s majority if you don’t get smart and start thinking with your head instead of your conservative Bible.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. There is an orchestrated move afoot to attack Republicans in the House and Senate by people pretending to be Conservative Republicans but they are not. A lot of us have worked too hard to remain in the minority by running candidates that would appeal to the far right, purist, who want to tell us that it is better to stand on their principals and lose, then to elect someone who doesn’t meet their standards.

    If Pres Reagan ran today, most of the ‘purist’ would not vote for him.

    IMO, some of the people posting on various websites as disgruntled Republicans are liars. Our team is doing a great job in the House under the leadership of John Boehner. When you only lost 8 votes on Cap and Trade to the Dems voting Yes, that is a pretty good percentage. The Dems had 44 people vote with the GOP but you don’t hear about that.

    Another point

  4. My computer is acting up — My point was going to be that the so-called Blue Dogs are not conservative and a lot of them have liberal voting records yet the media calls them conservative.

  5. One of my sticky points for several years is the fact that today’s “Reagan Conservative” would not vote for him. One of my favorite tricks when GWB was in office (I miss him) was to take RR’s quotes and put GWB’s name on them and circulate them to conservative pundits who were damning GWB. The would then say that’s why Bush couldn’t be trusted.

    It was so much fun!

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. SJR:

    Risking the humiliation of adding a third response to your nonsensical diatribe, I’ll still deign to give you a wee bit of insight into several of the liberty-minded groups that you arbitrarily label with various and bigoted nomenclature.

    I say, “The hell with party identification and “team sports” politics!”

    I want to win with people who will actually stand up for the common working folks of this country instead of treasonous, back-stabbing politicians like Lindsey Graham.

    “Winning” by your definition is losing for everybody when the Constitution is trashed and forgotten.

    Why bother voting for people who trash the Constitution just like the other party does? Have you gotten a clue yet as to why McCain lost? Real conservatives couldn’t tell the difference between him and Obama.

    So what if neo-cons like McCain and Graham don’t trash the Constitution at quite the same rapid pace?

    And why vote for yet another politician who panders based on the demographics of race and ethnicity rather than running basing his campaign on natural law and the principles this country just so happens to have been founded on?

    I’d prefer what you call an ideologue with principle over a spineless little fascist, corporate suck-up like Graham any day of the week.

    Just out of curiosity, if a politician’s idealism is based on the U.S. Constitution, just what, in your opinion, is the problem anyway?

    Oh, and by the way, Gaham got 57% of the vote, not 67%.

    And, oh yeah, he spent up to $305 million of taxpayer funds in earmarks (requested in FY 2007 alone) and $10 million in mostly corporate donated campaign funds opposing virtually unfunded opponents to get 7% above the halfway mark in the fall election. I still have trouble finding people who’ll admit to having voted for him.

    If this is the sort of invertebrate that you admire, then you deserve what you get. Unfortunately, we Americans ALL lose when your “team” wins.

  7. Just who is attacking Lyndsey Graham with the venom. I am a lifelong Republican activists and I have never seen Republicans be so nasty but I have seen the Ron Paul types be that nasty along with the Dems. The term RINO being bandied around is flat out wrong because who are some people who when pressed admit they are not Republican to tell us who should be in the Party and who shouldn’t.

    Love how the 3rd party and Ron Paul types want to tell us what candidates should stand for in the GOP. Sorry to disappoint them but Republicans don’t all march to the same drummer. In fact they are a pretty independent group of people. A lot of our office holders put their districts/states first and vote how their constituents want them to vote. They don’t hide behind the media calling them conservatives like they do the Blue Dogs.

    Had first hand experience with the Ron Paul types and it was not pleasant — guess some conservatives forget he has been anti-Republican on a lot of items including the Iraq War but yet they hang on to his every word. He is a Libertarian who couldn’t get elected as a Libertarian so he reregistered as a Republican to get elected. What does that say about his principles and the principles of his supporters who want Republicans to be purist to run and not get elected.

    Ron Paul types in a lot of states joined with the religious right purist and are attempting to take over state organizations. I think standing on principles about a candidate and allowing the DemocRAT to win is wrong because your agenda goes nowhere.

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