Is It “Dirty” Harry Teague?


You gotta love Dem-Rats.  When they pontificate about transparency you can just about bet the farm (or in New Mexico the ranch) that they are up to something.  The NM GOP has been tracking some of the things 2nd District freshman Congressman Harry Teague has been up to lately.  Maybe you need to follow the bouncing oil drum a little.  Harry Teague and NM Lt. Governor Diane Denish are buds, very good buds.  Denish wants to be governor.  It makes me wonder if what we are seeing with Teague and his basic arrogance in dealing with a district where he is completely out of touch, is what a Denish Administration would be like.


Teague Conducts Closed Meeting in Albuquerque, What’s Harry Hiding?

ALBUQUERQUE—Sunday, Harry Teague conducted a closed-door meeting at the Albuquerque Country Club with Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.)—a fellow House Democrat who has drafted legislation which would have an adverse impact on New Mexico’s oil and gas industry.

“Perhaps Teague was leery of bringing Rahall into his own district because Teague knows that Rahall has not been a friend to the oil and gas industry,” stated Chairman Harvey Yates Jr.  “Enactment of Rahall’s proposed legislation would reduce jobs in New Mexico.”

Among some of the controversial provisions of Rahall’s draft legislation is the increase of oil and gas onshore royalty rates to over 18%.  Many, if not most, of Teague’s constituents would be adversely affected by rate increases that would diminish oil and gas drilling in the state.

“After attending this closed-door discussion, one of the participants remarked that Rahall emphasized that Teague is doing a good job,” continued Yates.  “That is likely a sentiment with which Nancy Pelosi concurs.”

Rahall chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources.  In May, his staff circulated proposed energy legislation which would increase onshore royalty rates and restructure the regulation for onshore energy development.  Members of the oil industry criticized the draft, noting that Rahall’s plan would hinder investment and domestic resource development.

Fortunately Steve Pearce is running for the 2nd District seat so incompetently held by Teague.  Don’t Democrats ever tire of selling us out to the highest bidder?


One thought on “Is It “Dirty” Harry Teague?

  1. Harvey Yates Jr. only cares about the oil companies and doesn’t care about the rest of the residents of New Mexico.

    How the NM GOP could further sell their soul to the oil interests is not only shocking but dumb considering their oil guy (Pearce) couldn’t even break 40 percent statewide. Or win his home district.

    Keep on diggin’, GOP. Watch your approval ratings continue to freefall to Cheney territory.

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