A Guest Commentary on Health Care Reform


“Mountain Mama” agreed to write a guest commentary for The Pink Flamingo, after being talked into doing so.   The commentary is copyright 2009 “Mountain Mama”, all rights reserved.    She has agreed to allow linking, etc. but please give her credit.

Please STOP the Obama “Health Care” Plan!

For the first time in MY life, I am terrified of a US President.  Mr. Obama operates as a communist system does:  with utmost secrecy, ruthlessness, and godlessness.  That surreal fact provides me with a unique experience every day.

Remember what happens when you are filled with dread and horror?  A chill starts at the head and quickly floods down the whole body.  In a moment, you are covered with tingly goose bumps.

I experience that scared, shivering feeling every day now, when I realize how horribly un-American and anti-democracy are all the fundamental changes this president has made in our nation—-in only seven months!  It will take YEARS for a hard-working, ethical president to undo those changes, if that’s even possible.  Worse, he hopes to accomplish even more radical changes in our republic, through his expensive and unethical “health care” plan!

Look, I’m not being paranoid or dramatic; our national situation is really THAT AWFUL.  See, I pay closer attention to politics than most Americans do, because our family must:  we are ALL disabled:

– I fight 23 health conditions—-arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, etc.—-by following a very strict diet, exercising vigorously for 60 minutes DAILY, and taking three very toxic and amazingly expensive medicines.

– Our sons experience autism.  They must be monitored 24/7 and require expensive treatment.

– My husband has a form of dementia—-and he’s only in his late fifties.

Although our health insurance covers many of our expenses, our family’s non-covered medicines and treatments still cost $1200/month or more… so far….

Now we find that the Obama “health care” plan will “restrict enrollment of the disabled.”  And because this plan won’t allow employers to bargain for lower prices, they won’t be able to compete with the low prices the huge government plan can get.  This will cause employers to dump their health insurance coverage.

No wonder I just got goose bumps again….

But beyond our family’s needs, I wonder:  why won’t Obama’s plan let hospitals add additional facilities to care for a growing population?  Does he have information which predicts that our population will NOT grow?  Or will certain populations be left untreated medically, causing them to die!?

And why does Obama advocate a “health care” plan that allows the government direct access to our bank accounts?  Think of all the mistakes government workers make, just  with managing the present welfare system!  Oh great:  our bank accounts might be mistakenly raided or muddled!

All in all, the Obama plan does NOT promote “health care;” it is nothing less than a complete power grab.  If it’s voted in, the plan will allow the government to make sure MY family is history—-and perhaps yours, too.  See, if you aren’t now, someday you will likely become disabled or elderly, too.

Work HARD to make sure Obama’s Deathplan is NOT enacted!

Call your members of Congress NOW, and promise that, if they support Obama’s costly, deadly “health care” plan, you will NOT vote them into office again.  Nothing worries them more.

Mountain Mama


7 thoughts on “A Guest Commentary on Health Care Reform

  1. To Mountain Mama and others.
    I found a direct PDF link for this “health care” plan. Everyone should read it. http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.txt.pdf
    THIS IS SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE, and we can not and should not fall for this Government-run healthcare. I have personaly seen and experienced this type of healthcare in Europe and I’m telling everyone,… It will not work in this country. Your on a waitinglist for years to get to see a specialist. My close friend who was 19 at the time lost her mother to mouth cancer because she was on the waiting list and didn’t see the specialist soon enough for treatment. By the time she had her appointment for treatment, it was too late and the cancer had traveled to her stomach,liver and kidneys. She lived only 6 months more and died a painfull and cruel death. Maybe people should keep this story in mind and think about their mothers and daughters.

  2. What a sad story, Marie! I grieve with you upon the loss of your dear friend’s mother; she should NOT have died, but should have received proper care at the appropriate time, to save her life.

    I worry now that Obama will force his health insurance plan through Congress without Republican participation. Given that well over 50% of this nation do NOT support his plan, and that only 38% or less want it—-and only 14% actually can’t afford any insurance and need help!—–Obama’s forcing his plan upon Americans via the Democrat-controlled Congress is going to cause a LOT of Americans to get extremely angry. I think the townhall meeting anger is merely the beginning.

    It’s sad; it doesn’t have to be this way! All that’s needed is for people to VALUE LIFE, and UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION. If Obama did this, he could still help people—-but I fear his motives are to careen this nation into socialism, at any cost.

  3. Mountain mama,
    you may be proud of this entry.
    You have correctly bared your feelings about the current administration and mirrored the emotions of many of us.

    This can not be good. Nothing the government ever does that is longer than the Gettysburg Address is any good.

    Mountain Mama, I am proud to know you.

  4. Sorry for you losses, The new government plan will take care of all of you, You are wrong when you say most americans dont want the helth care plan, we Are preparing our civil military police for to have available to oversee future elections and prevent fraud, stop the government protesters, remove weapons from people who should not have them and enforce future population controls and help enforce the quality of food thus helping ensure healthy americans. Democratic leaders know what is best for each family our civilian military will report the The white house and make sure all americans get the correct information in the future. All this false talking on tv and radio about our new government must be brought under control, there are illusions that the new democratic party will lose seats when in fact we will pick up more seats at county levels all the way through federal level around the country, voter fraud will be stoped withour new government police force which will not have to answer to congress as we have not existed in the past the old government has faided and we must make sure the new one succeeds. With our new order will will have no need for the CIA and thus the new civil police force can and will take some of the duties from this old failed branch. once we move forward withour work program for the american people in 2011 withour new elected teams members americans will see how well a federal workers union takes care of its citizens, people just need good health care, food, shelter, quality water,transportation, a way to earn credits and less responcibilities in decision making thus allowing more family quality time. There will be plenty of federal enforcement jobs with the new government thus creating more jobs for those who are loyal to our party. please know that our democratic leaders thoughout the country are united and no small group of resistance can stop our progress now. The constitution is out dated and has become a burden to the future form of civilized nations, The past is over time for americans stilling living in the past to grow up and accept the future for what it is americans wanted all the things that are coming and not one part of the changes already put in place and those still to be put in place were withheld from them, All levels of government from the lowest to the highest were replaced with our new party agenda so why do so few of you try to make a loud voice to appear stronger than you are, you have no cash flow limited sites to reveal your thoughts and that will get smaller without new controls over communications coming in 2010. more and more americans will join our case and case and once all things are past you too will see that each of us must support each other in the new government grand design. Even our military leaders and doctrine are being brough in line to meet the needs of our new Democratic lead government, they too want our new government to suceed and will assit as needed to keep america safe.

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