Last night the manifest came out for the AF One flyover of NYC — they had a lot of passengers on board because of the number of enlisted stewards on board. (Pink Flamingo Source)

Earlier today someone asked me why Obama would allow something like this to happen.

Why would 100 people be flying Air Force One for a turn around the Big Apple at tax-payer expense?

It’s simple.

Like any good whore, Barack Obama must render services to the pimps who pay him. And like any other street-walking whore, he was busted.

The Photos
The Photos

Unfortunately the cops (media) were on the take and let him get away with it.

NOTE: The Pink Flamingo wishes to apologize to the hard working women (and some men) who make a living as prostitutes. The Pink Flamingo wants hard working prostitutes to know that she is not trying to insult the members of the Oldest Profession by comparing them to the Second Oldest Profession.

The Pink Flamingo has an exclusive source with some fascinating information on the whole AFO glamour shot around the Statue of Liberty.

It is interesting how the WH waited until Friday to dump the information about the fly-over that terrorized New York. The Politico has most of the details.

More from The Pink Flamingo’s Source:

Names were redacted.

It looks like they added extra stewards over the usual amount.

Having worked in the Command Section of Major Command and arranged for overseas flights for the (high ranking officers) and the fact my boss (information removed to protect my source)

I had experience with arranging the number stewards needed for the (removed) trips from the SAM squadron who do all the VIP flights.

At the time I was involved, they had C-141’s that had pallets put in them for different configurations depending on the number of passengers.

The (removed) had his own quarters and would always take two of his aides with him. They were in addition to the stewards. With the number of stewards on that flight, I would guess there were easily 100 passengers.

An AF pilot I know … agreed there had to be at least 100 passengers. Why a training flight when ZERO/Biden are always up in the air and AF One had already been to NYC.

I would bet there were donors on board as it was a cloudy day, pictures are louzy, and a redacted manifest….

I am guessing donors to ZERO with his wife Michelle on board as the host.

He made a point of showing up at the WH that day but no one saw her.

Cannot believe that no one at Andrews has leaked that a group on buses showed up unless they had the buses arrive at the hangar sporadically and she came by motorcade not by helicopter.

I have been to Andrews AFB several times and with the VIP fleet located there, they have people coming and going all the time.

Maybe we need to find out just who was on that flight.

We need to know if Obama reimbursed the tax-payer for his little flight.

I’m thinking what he did was slightly illegal, but then I’m just a poor, ill-informed Republican with delusions of government accountability and demands for honest behavior from the Dems.

Barack and Michelle Antoinette are too arrogant for accountability.

Yep, I’ve already made a down payment on that bridge in Brooklyn.