Harry Teague Did Something Right!


The Pink Flamingo prides herself on being intellectually honest.  If someone I like does something wrong, I say so.  When someone I’m criticizing does something right, I let ’em know it.

Well, Harry Teague did something right for a change.  I was going to have a little fun with his supporters this weekend, but when I discovered that Teague voted against HR2749.   Look, voting for it would have been the kiss of death for HT, especially in this conservative district.

Dave Nalle has been following the horrible story of HR2749 for some time.  Dave wrote about some of the aspects of the bill:

“…Warrantless searches of farms and food processing facilities and wholesale seizure and potential destruction of produce and livestock with nothing resembling probable cause or due process of law, in clear violation of the protection of property guaranteed in the 4th Amendment. The FDA will be able to go anywhere and search your home, your barn or your kitchen at whim, shut down your business and seize whatever it wants with no evidence….”

You might be interested to note that one of the major sponsors of the bill, Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) has a husband who is a big time big agri-business person.  Don’t ever think she is out to save the world.

Now, stop this thing in the Senate.  If not, it is going to haunt us all.  It is but another example of Democratic corruption – nothing but abject corruption.  Then again, just like a good whore, Congresswoman DeLauro is delivering the goods for services paid for.