Conservatives FINALLY Respecting John McCain (it’s about time)


Big Mac Is Back and he thinks Sarah Palin will be a “force” in the GOP.  This hand-wringing because the GOP has no “leaders” is a crock.  John McCain is a leader.   The problem is conservatives who are not GOP and who do not have the best interests of either the GOP or their country at heart, are treating him like dirty.

“...As Mr. McCain keeps circling our discussion back to fiscal responsibility, I ask him if the trillion dollar deficits are a sign that America is an empire in decline. “I think there’s a risk of that . . . unless we change. I’m a student of history. The shift in power from the British to the United States took place when the economy and the world’s gold reserves shifted and Britain went from the world’s [creditor] to a world debtor. The same thing could be happening now. I emphasize ‘could.’…”

He’s leading the fight against the stupid cash for clunkers debacle.

Rick Santorum has done a mia culpa and is now squarely behind John McCain. I am going to add another comment here.  The far, non-GOP right is denigrating Lindsey Graham as some sort of traitor.  These same people LOVE Rick Santorum.  If Santorum is standing up for John McCain as doing what is right, and Lindsey always votes the same way McCain does, what is wrong with Lindsey?

I believe the far right’s hatred is showing.  And – it is irrational.

“…McCain did not only oppose Obama on the stimulus package; he led the fight against the $800 billion addition to our national debt, labeling it “an act of generational theft.”

McCain also opposed Obama’s next major legislative initiative, an omnibus appropriations bill that was 8 percent larger than last year’s and loaded with congressional earmarks, which McCain tried to kill.

McCain voted against almost all of Obama’s controversial executive appointments as well.

Obama’s climate-change plan? McCain called it an “irresponsible, ill-conceived, and distorted version of a cap-and-trade system” and “a giant government slush fund that will further burden our businesses and consumers.”

Health-care reform? McCain said last month that a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the plan “should be a wake-up call for all of us to scrap the current bill and start over … in a true bipartisan fashion.”

Even on Gitmo, McCain said Obama was making a “terrible mistake” because he didn’t have a plan for what to do with the prisoners. “I’m for closing Guantanamo,” McCain said. “But I’m for a comprehensive solution. …” In recent weeks, he’s also blasted Obama’s response to the Iranian election and the Honduran coup.

With allies like McCain, Obama hardly needs adversaries….”

The John McCain I so strongly supported is back and he is taking no prisoners.  He told the WSJ he is disgusted with the transfer of wealth.

“…“Never. Never have I seen such a transfer from the private enterprise system to the government of such massive scale,” he says. He goes through the list: car companies, banks, insurance firms owned by government, and he especially grimaces when he mentions the $787 billion stimulus package….”


One thought on “Conservatives FINALLY Respecting John McCain (it’s about time)

  1. I don’t know if I should smile or cry but there’s a whole bunch of so called conservatives that in the wee morning hours can whisper…was it worth joining our Liberal counterparts in trashing GWB and McCain? We could have had an economy on it’s way to recovery with McCain’s passion for cutting taxes…we might have continued the respect (and fear) of the terrorist regimes (instead of the ridicule as the COC keeps apologizing to them)…and we should have had another jurist that would safeguard marriage, gun rights, and medical personnel’s right of conscience.

    We could have, might have, should have…oh well.

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