Enough with the Birther KaKa


World Nut Daily has come up with a copy of Barack Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate. Let’s put it this way.  I am suspicious of anything WND does.  Anyone who reads them, quotes them, writes for them, and believes them is out of their brain dead minds.

WND is a joke. They are the tabloid trash of the far right world.

I have a blast with some of the Birther stuff.  It’s fun.  I will admit that I think there is something irregular about the birth certificate mess, but I’m talking irregular, not illegal, not conspiracy.

As a genealogist and a former DAR registrar, every red flag goes up about the birth certificate, but not for the reasons one might suspect.  There is something not quite right – but I think he is a legal US citizen.

Birth certificates can be “irregular” for many reasons, and many of them deal with privacy for things like adoption and obscuring the actual name of a parent.

(If anything, the investigation into his passport for travel before being elected to the US Senate is where the action should be).


We are dealing with a man who does not believe in playing by established rules.  And, we are dealing with people ambitious enough, dishonest enough, and stupid enough to think it is okay for him not to play by the rules.

Unfortunately all the far right can think of is the birth certificate.  Give it a rest. Obama is manipulating you.  You are taking your eyes off the battle.  It keeps you preoccupied with trivia when we are in a battle for the soul of our nation.

So now Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) is exposing the nude photos of Obama’s mother as payback for the CNN divorce rumor about the Palins.  This is very poorly done and in extremely bad taste.  I am not even going to provide a link to the offensive post.  True, there are enemies who cannot be defeated unless one becomes as vile as the enemy, but then they’ve won.


What about the college transcripts?  I’m far more interested in those, aren’t you?


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