Exposing the Blue Dogs


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The Pink Flamingo is grateful to “Samantha” for her return to blogging.  Let’s just say “Samantha” knows exactly what she is talking about, so pay attention.  Mike Devine thinks they can be counted on, or vote ’em out.

They’re Dem-Rats.  You can’t count on ’em.  I seem to remember The Pink Flamingo telling you they cannot be counted on to do the right thing.  They are Dems.

Samantha has been running stats for several days and has come up with some really disgusting information.  There’s no way these people can even be considered “moderate”.  Just read what Samantha has uncovered.

“…Below you will find the voting records according to the ACU for the Blue Dogs (thanks to a Freeper for doing the work in finding these). One thing to note is the different in 2007 and 2008. Was 2008 when Speaker Pelosi really started cracking the whip on their votes? One to look at is Gene Taylor of MS who was Conservative in 2007 but liberal in 2008. That makes no sense except Pelosi was cracking her whip. Next question that any thinking person would ask was if they received campaign contributions in 2008 in exchange for votes which would mean their votes are for sale? There were rumors abounding that is how Pelosi got enough votes to pass Cap and Trade in the House. That will take some more research but the FEC will be a good place to start that research. Judge for yourself if the Blue Dogs are Conservative:…”

You cannot trust them.  In an email to The Pink Flamingo, Samantha told me:

“…The Yellow Dogs …l and other Dems who became Republican were conservative.  In fact when I was in Ohio, the northern Republicans would vote with the southern yellow dogs to keep the liberal agenda from taking over completely.  Most of the Yellow Dogs became Republicans so when the Blue Dog name got attached most people assumed with all the publicity when they formed they were going to be fiscal conservatives including me.  It was a wrong assumption.  I would have bet that at least half were somewhat conservative but I can only fine one so far with a 35 and the rest are 25 and below which is far from conservative or even moderate.  A former Yellow Dog said you cannot trust the Blue Dogs as they are not fiscal conservatives….”