How About Leaving the Palins Alone for Awhile?


Why are we being treated to another barrage of weekend Palin rumors?  Golly, this is getting to be a habit – a bad habit.  Makes you wonder what Barack Obama is trying to hide this weekend.  It might also serve to take some of the heat off the Dems as they try to destroy our country next week.

Thing is, I think we’re starting to figure the Obama strategy out, and it appears the feeding frenzy is primarily by Dems. Funny, isn’t it?

First came the blogs, then came the activists, then came the rumors.  Knowing some of these sources the way I do, I wonder who is fronting all the cash for this latest round of Let’s See How Long It Takes to Destroy the Palins.

Let’s do discuss the Reagan Library thing.  What ever happened, it was very badly handled and has hurt SP politically.  Once again it looks like SarahPAC may be the problem – or is taking the hit for the problem.  All I know is it is very bad form.  If I had a ticket I would be absolutely furious.

Either someone is sandbagging SP or she’s doing it to herself.  I think the classy thing would have been to go to the even and never say a word.  One thing someone connected to SP needs to learn is you don’t air your dirty linen in public.  Maybe someone did sand-bag her.  The better thing would to have been go, then nuke who ever did it at a date to be named later.

All of this makes me suspect that SP is not planning a political career.  Either that or she truly is a ‘breath of fresh air’ and doesn’t give a damn about politics.  I just don’t see that.  I heard from a very astute source this afternoon that maybe she isn’t planning a political career.

One thing I do know, Sarah Palin is a first time author stuck with a deadline and a huge advance.  As a writer who once had a major deadline shattered with a broken right elbow, I know how daunting that can be.  Even though she has media background, that’s not the same as sitting down to write a book. Of course the worst part about sitting down to write a book is not actually righting the book, but dealing with the fact that you must actually sit down to write one.  Once you’ve run out of excuses and start on the book, it’s downhill from there.

Of course then you gotta finish the blasted book.

The Pink Flamingo is hearing some other interesting rumors that may be connected to the Reagan Library debacle.  I am beginning to suspect there is someone in SP’s life she cannot trust and is sandbagging her.

I’m also wondering if she can handle the fact that there are some who are trying to turn her into some sort of American idol – the golden calf.  Give the woman a break.

Oh, and those third party rumors – I have a source who says if she even thinks about it she’s dead politically.