A Constituent’s Tale of Woe and Harry Teague


Would you like to know why Harry Teague is on the GOP’s 2010 “Hit List”?

I have a friend we shall call “Mary”.  Today I went over to her house for a moment.  She wanted to know if we could talk for a minute.

She has been writing to Harry Teague, Jeff Bingaman and Barack Obama on a daily basis.  My friend is passionate about the disaster facing us with the Democrats Health Care Reform.  A cancer survivor and a believer in alternative medicine, she believes the very things that saved her will be eliminated.

She has yet to hear from any of the elected officials she has contacted.  “What else can I do?” she asked.  I assured her she was doing all any constituent can do.   It reminds me of a comment a PF reader left today.  “Is Harry Teague MIA?

We don’t really know how Teague feels about the bill.  He’s as slippery a Democrat who ever existed.  His office tells you one thing and he votes another way, Cap & Trade being the perfect example.

Teague on Health Care Reform

“...Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM): “I Just Want To Be Sure That We don’t Try To Do All This Solely On The Backs Of Small Business.” “Congressman Teague is worried about the impact a health bill could have on the economy. ‘You know, as a small business owner in Hobbs, I know how important small businesses are to communities,’ Teague said. ‘I just want to be sure that we don’t try to do all this solely on the backs of small business.’” (“NM Congressmen Work To Complete Healthcare Bill,” KOB News 4, 7/21/09)…”

My friend went to meet with a member of Teague’s staff last week.  Twelve people were ahead of her.  Of the people there, one was an Obama supporter.  Another had a constituent issue.  EVERYONE else was there to complain about the Dem health care bill.

Like she said, does anyone really care.  I told her if the gossip about Teague’s Roswell “townhall” at Peppers was an example of how well he is handling constituents here in the 2nd District, we’re screwed.

One witness to the meeting wrote the following:

“...During all the visits with my congressmen I have attended in the last 29 years, it was never necessary to have a staff person intervene to help the congressman field questions or quiet the crowd. This was certainly the case last Wednesday. Make no mistake, this was a crowd of upset American citizens there to hear from their elected representative about the issues flying through Congress that are of great importance to them.

From my prospective, neither the congressman, nor his staff, ever planned to have this type of open, public meeting. It seemed clear to me that the intention was to never have to face his concerned constituents as a group.

I think that a parting comment, voiced over the noise of the crowd, summed up the feeling of the citizens very well: “These are your constituents, Harry, make sure you hear the voice of these Americans today!”

Only with time and watching his voting record will we know if he heard or not….”