Is Health Care Reform About Nancy Pelosi’s Vanity?


My parents swear by their AARP Medicare Supplement. Over the past four years my mother’s medical bills have been close to a million bucks. She has paid almost nothing out of pocket. She does pay for her medications because she cannot use generics, not with her cardiac condition.

She and my father are not happy with the liberal politics of the AARP but swear by their insurance. Evidently the AARP is starting to hear from people like my parents, and may be changing its tune. In doing so, it makes Nancy Pelosi look like a liar!

The AARP has backtracked. Nancy Pelosi is hanging from her own gallows, but – does anyone care?
The Politico has a great opening paragraph that goes something like this.  Nancy Pelosi is one of the most detested political figures in the nation and she doesn’t care.  Yea right.

A column  at Next Gen GOP started me thinking about this whole health care reform debacle.

Nancy Pelosi has declared that SHE WILL have health care reform.

“…House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will pass legislation to overhaul the U.S. health-care system through her chamber even as members of her own Democratic Party expressed skepticism after days of discord and delays.

“When I take this bill to the floor, it will win,” Pelosi said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” program that aired today. “This will happen.”…”

Barack Obama has whined that it is not about him.  What if it isn’t about Barack Obama at all and it is all about Nancy Pelosi and her unbridled ego and determination to stomp all over everyone, including Barack Obama.

Malkin has more about “Queen Nancy“.  I prefer calling her Princess Pelosi.