The Attack on the GOP Continues


There is an editorial in the LA Times blasting the GOP.  The days of the political parties are over, Mickey Edwards, a Republican, proclaims.  He then rips the GOP.

“…When I testified before the House Judiciary Committee against President Bush’s unconstitutional use of presidential signing statements (the Constitution allows a president two choices: sign a bill and make it federal law or veto it; ignoring it is not an option), not a single Republican on the committee saw anything wrong with what the president had done. They later found the same practice unlawful when a Democratic president did it. When the House voted to hold White House staffers in contempt for defying a congressional subpoena, Republicans stomped out in protest.

At the time, I saw those incidents as signs that my fellow conservatives had abandoned their principles. But it was more than that: It was one more example of members of Congress voting as a team. Surely, when Bush’s assistants defied congressional subpoenas, at least a few Democrats might have thought a president’s claims of executive privilege had some merit, and a few Republicans might have been appalled at a chief executive thumbing his nose at the lawmaking branch of government. But again, that’s not the world we live in….”

Conservative, right?

Well….Edwards is  the VP of the Aspen Institute.

Their leadership includes Madeline Albright.  She’s a good conservative, right?

Well, he’s one face of “conservatives” undermining the GOP.

I would NOT call it conservative.  I would call it liberal.

It won’t matter, the far right is so idiotic they don’t care.