My Name Is SJ Reidhead & I Oppose Barack Obama


Yes, it’s true.

I’m telling on myself.

I, SJ Reidhead, The Pink Flamingo, bitterly oppose Barack Obama. I will defend his right to be a jerk, but will not defend his right to act like others a few years ago.

NEVER in the history of this nation has anyone required we rat out our neighbors, unless it was some sophomoric school club.  I’m still trying to grasp the scope of Obama’s demands.  I think this brief little sort expresses my feelings. I guess if I had to chose who I would be in the movie, I’d be Victor Laszio.

And so, dear El Presidente’ to quote Randy Quaid in Independence Day, “Up yours!”


2 thoughts on “My Name Is SJ Reidhead & I Oppose Barack Obama

  1. Take that BHO

    You go girl! :)

    We on the right may not all agree about everything but we all agree 100% on somethings and one item we agree on is what the BHO White House can do with their “fishy” email program.

    Hint: it includes the words “where the sun don’t shine.” And, it is not in the National archives.

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