Weighty Truths


Thursday afternoon The Pink Flamingo was acting like a criminal returning to the scene of the crime (okay, one of the local antique shops I frequent). I over-heard the two women who run the shop discussing a customer who had come in earlier in the day.  They were both doing a cup of coffee and eating a donut.  The customer went over to them and said,

“There is nothing worse than watching two old fat women devouring a donut.”

“...There is literally not a shred of evidence that turning fat people into thin people improves their health….”

Is the whole “obesity” crises just another way to use an extremely thin life-style to control women?

Contrary to the lies being spread today about obesity, people who have been overweight their entire lives live longer than those who are pencil thin.

Women who have been overweight their entire lives do not get osteoporosis.  (With my genetics, it is the one advantage I have with my weight).

The three least healthy members of my family are also the thinnest.  My sister is anorexic thin.  She suffers from frequent kidney infections to the point where she sometimes requires transfusions to keep the infections at bay.

My perfect thin, jogging aunt is suffering from a rare form of blood cancer.  If she survives another five years it will be because of the Hand of God.

The most physically frail and damaged person I know is my mother.  My mother has dieted every day I’ve known her to the point where her eating habits are almost bordering an eating disorder.  She has a pace-maker, having suffered from a-fib since I was in high school.  From the time I was in the 6th grade until I was out of college she had at least one surgery a year.

She has 12% bone density.  She is currently in such pain with her bones that she is almost incapacitated.  My mother also thinks she is “obese”.  She wears a size 8 in St  John slacks and a 6 in their tops.  She wears an extra-small in jackets.  But – she sees herself as “obese”.

I am considered the flawed one because I do not spend every moment of the day on a starvation diet.  (My sister rarely eats carbs).  They all consider my favorite Mexican food absolutely evil and detest it.  They prefer large fried chicken salads with thousand island dressing.  My cheese enchiladas are “evil” because they are “Mexican” and everyone knows Mexican food is full of calories.

My grandmother died in agony – with osteoporosis. Ever seen anyone in the late stages of the disease?  It just about the same as bone cancer.  Only bone cancer is treated with pain medication.

Are you seeing any statistics on the cost that this thin is in demand is going to cost when super thin and super fit women like Dr. Laura start over-taxing the system with their osteoporosis?  They will cost a heck of a lot more than my arthritis (hereditary).

Paul Campos who wrote The Obesity Myth, said the following:

“…The current stigmitization of fat kids is essentially child abuse as government policy, and the people behind it are, as far as I’m concerned, either incredibly stupid or very evil or in some cases both.

Here’s an idea: Stop harrassing people about their weight. Because it appears that focusing on the idea that being fat actually makes people fatter. At least there’s an extremely strong correlation there. I bet if we stopped demonizing fatness people would actually be a bit thinner. They’d certainly be happier and healthier…”