When Did Weight Disqualify a Person?


We are being inundated with a barrage of propaganda designed to turn those of us who are not thin into sub-human, mindless, eaters who aren’t worth being seen in society, much less being insured. In the past few days we’ve been subjected to the indignities of various “experts” telling us how to live, eat, exercise, and basically suggest we be ostracized from society much like smokers who pollute their pure lungs.

They’ve suggested a food tax.  Some have gone so far as to suggest a law preventing people like me from dining out in public.  Then others suggest counseling.  They then wonder why we seem to be so depressed.  HINT:  You spend  your whole life on a diet and being treated like dirt and see how you feel.

It really isn’t much fun to go into stores and not be able to find clothing to wear.  You think I’m going to wear the crap that currently passes for “large sizes”?  Once upon a time, during the 1980s, someone my size could find beautiful clothes.  But, then that was during the age of Reagan when people used their heads for something other than politically correct hate.

One of the reasons people who are not thin have medical problems is because a physician cannot see a person, all they see is weight.  I go to my mother’s cardiologist.  He tells me I will be dead in 5 years because of my weight and what he sees is a heart problem.  Finally after being nasty he admits that the problem is not because of my weight but because I had rheumatic fever when I was an infant and nearly died from it.

Then there was the time my mother forced me to go to an internist because I had such chronic indigestion.  She just knew it was either a bad gall bladder or my heart disease.  It  just a flare up of acid flux.   The physician did suggest a gastric bypass because I would look better.  I ask him about the incidents of death that follow, asking why he would recommend something that was one of the deadliest and most dangerous procedures.  He said I would be happier if I were thin, even though it could kill me.

The worst though was my chronic abdominal pain.  My GYN said I needed to lose weight and the pain would go away.  That was 30 years ago.  I mentioned this to my GP last summer.  He said that was absurd, I obviously had endometrosis and why not have a hysteractmy and get rid of the pain.  Thirty years of suffering, and yes I’ll get around to it before Bambi rations health-care.

You live in fear of what people actually think about you – or I did.  That was before I gave up and decided I don’t care what people think about me.  It’s a nice, liberating thing.  I suggest you try it.

It’s called, I don’t give a damn!

MeMe Roth, a self proclaimed “expert” on obesity (she has a journalism degree) thinks that Dr. Regina Benjamin should not be allowed to be Surgeon General because she is not “slender”. Roth, the token skinny person for FOX, flaunts her background as a Health Counselor, and “Integrative Nutrition” (what ever that is) is a professional publicist. She’s part of a world that includes Deepak Chopra (enough said).  Or so she says.

I think Dr. Regina Benjamin is way too liberal, but the object of this post is not to discuss her politics, but her weight.

If bigots like Roth had their way, people like Dr. Benjamin, and The Pink Flamingo, would be neither seen nor heard.  We would be put in some sort of a cage until we were cute and thin like Roth is.

According to one blogger, Roth thinks those of us who aren’t perfectly thin are evil.

“…Roth then tried to explain that we fat people — you know, the same fat people she accuses of being child abusers, unproductive workers, drug addicts, threats to national security and now likens to rape victims — shouldn’t take her anti-obesity rhetoric so personally.  Yes, we fat people are just waaaayyy too sensitive.  At some point during her harangue, I pointed out to Roth that she doesn’t have a professional medical background — she has a B.A. in journalism and a career in public relations — to which she hotly began rattling off a list of supposed credentials (more on this in a minute).  I interrupted her and said, “But those aren’t medical degrees,” which made her even angrier.  She then started screaming, “You think it’s easy for me?  I have an obese family.  I have to work very hard to look like this!”…”

Roth allegedly will graduate from a program next year – but is not “accredited” as a nutritional anything.  She’s just a publicist.  Her “charity” is not part of Guidestar.   She is a fake and a quack. But – she is cute, thin, blond and pretty, therefore she fits the FOX Blond Bimbo model for “experts”.

Consequently, Roth = Thin = Good      and   Benjamin = Fat = Evil

Roth thinks that a highly qualified professional with ACUTAL degrees in her field is not qualified to be Surgeon General because she if not thin.  MeMe Roth, on the other hand, is cute, thin and blond.  Ergo, even though she  has no actual training in the nutrition or medical field is far more qualified to say how bad Benjamin is because Roth is thin and Benjamin, a qualified professional is not.

We live in a strange world.  We’re not told the truth about obesity and weight, only that people like The Pink Flamingo and Dr. Regina Benjamin are somehow evil because we do not fit her perfect mold.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point where I’m tired of being treated as sub-human by nasty little snits like MeMe Roth.  Maybe the problem with MeMe is the fact that it’s all about “MeMe” and her hatred of her over-weight parents.  I think we all know who needs therapy and it sure isn’t The Pink Flamingo.


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  1. We at the Center for Eating Disorders are saddened that despite tremendous education in the community, there is still so much more work to be done. People clearly remain convinced that there is only one body type that all Americans should aspire to be. Have we forgotten that people come in all shapes and sizes?

    We recently wrote a blog about this topic and would love to hear your thoughts on it. You can read more at http://eatingdisorder.org/blog/2009/07/31/over-focus-on-overweight/

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