Turning Myself Into the Authorities


Dear President Obama;

I, SJ Reidhead, am one of the”Usual Suspects”.

I oppose your apparently socialist agenda to destroy the United States of America as I know it.  My family has been here in this country since the Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock. I am descended from quite a few DAR Patriots who fought for our freedom from oppression. Various members of my family have fought in every war this nation has faced.

We have a great nation.  You might not think so, but I don’t think you even know what what this nation is all about.  I don’t think you know who we are or what we are.  I also do not think you even comprehend the concept of freedom, limited government, and the right of self-expression and free speech.

The concept of free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of worship applies to all Americans, not just liberals and Democrats.  As a fairly conservative Republican who opposes your version of health care reform, I have just as much right to freely express myself as Cindy Sheehan had the right to make an idiot of herself camping out in front of the Bush ranch in Texas. I have the right to attend a Congressional Townhall meeting and not be met by SEIU thugs who threaten physical violence.  And, I have a right to vote the way I wish, and not be intimidated by individuals carrying instruments of intimidation and violence.

My hard working parents have the right to keep what they have earned, and to expect respect and excellent health care that is limited only by what they wish to pay. They have a right to receive the latest treatment as quickly as possible.  My father may be 85 and my mother might be 79 and suffering from a serious cardiac condition, but they are viable human beings who have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To insist that their health care be governed by someone who may think that their age and health precludes further treatment is unconscionable.  It is a step down a slippery slope that eventually leads to eugenics and the destruction of individuals who are not deemed viable by the government. This happened once before and those who perpetrated such a system were tried for crimes against humanity.

The Democratic version of Health Care Reform as I see, hear, and read (and I have read it) is but the first step toward a totalitarian system that will limit choices for all of us.   As I read it, it is a violation of our Constitution.  To pre-determine who will be able receive what form of medical treatment, and the destruction of the finest medical engine the world has ever known is bordering in evil – pure, unadulterated evil.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The combination of your Administration, Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrat 60 seat majority in the Senate is absolute proof of that ancient statement.

I never thought that here in the United States of America, the President of the United States would issue orders for neighbors to inform on neighbors, and turn them into the White House.  The whole process violates my First Amendment rights and is in all actuality a violation of Supreme Court rulings and post-Nixonian statutes.

You have no right to demand that my neighbors and my friends turn my name into your Administration which is made up of individuals who are little more than thugs who are abjectly corrupt.

What do you plan to do with this information now that you have it?

If the plan is to eventually “round up” people like me who oppose you, please do not send your ACORN thugs to my home.  They are not welcome.  I will report to our local police station, after I have notified members of the press who have not been corrupted by your agenda and your cult of personality.

I do request that you find someone who will feed and care for my animals.  I would make the request that my parents be cared for, but by the time the Democrat version of Health Care Reform is enacted, they will be among the first individuals who will be given the right to die.

My father fought for this country in World War II, against the Axis of Evil made up of individuals who were the angels of death by eugenics.  I never in my wildest nightmares dreamed he and my mother and the remaining members of the Greatest Generation would meet the same fate.

Please spell my name right when you come to arrest me and violate my First Amendment rights.   As I write these words, I realize that John Hancock (another relative of mine) was right when he signed his name so large on the Declaration of Independence.  I wouldn’t want you to get it wrong or “round up” the wrong person.  To facilitate matters, I am also attaching a recent photo.

Sarah Josephine Reidhead
Post Office Box REDACTED
physical address:

Photo 6jj6


2 thoughts on “Turning Myself Into the Authorities

  1. Fascists.

    These incumbent Congressmen are so arrogant, that I doubt they will step down once they are defeated at the ballot box.

    These elitists are corrupt. They will not relinquish power. We Americans need to understand this and begin to prepare for that possibility.

  2. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, “Henry, what are you doing in there?” Thoreau replied, “Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?”

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