O’Reilly Pandering to Obama


The Pink Flamingo has been telling you something bad was going on at FOX News.  We’ve all suspected that Bill O’Reilly is a closed Obama supporter.  O’Reilly is constantly defending The One (Omnipotent) against the indefensible, such as the new snitch requirement against all of us who oppose The One (Absolute Power = Absolute Corruption).

The Politico has learned that O’Reilly is writing a puff love-in piece about Obama’s childhood for Parade Magazine.

“…”Barack Obama, a youngster in Hawaii without his  parents around, has toughed it out and become one of history’s great stories, no matter what happens going forward,” he writes at the end. “What he has  achieved in his 48 years is simply astounding. Consider the odds. The United States is a nation of more than  300 million citizens. Only one  person is currently the Commander in Chief. That man had no fatherly guidance, is of mixed  race, and had no family connections to guide him into the world of national politics.  That adds up to one simple truth that every American child should be told: “If Barack Obama can become the President of the United States, then whatever dream you may have can happen in your life.”…”

No mention is made of Obama’s admission of the use and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Yea, that’s a great example for today’s youth.

This a great example.  Grow up, be a drug user, lie, cheat, and turn into a thug.  The world is yours.

One wonders what job Bill O’Reilly is seeking within the Obama Administration.


2 thoughts on “O’Reilly Pandering to Obama

  1. Tough it out? Don’t make me laugh!

    Hawaii is the best place to grow up if you’re of mixed race because frankly my dear, so is everyone else.

    Punahou, the school Obama attended is the elite school of the state if not one of the most coveted private schools in the nation.

    His grandmother was a powerhouse banker for one of the two top Banks in Hawaii…and Makiki, where they lived, has zero in common with Black inner city slums.

    He was born during a period of racial harmony where a White chick and a Black dude was “cool” and he spent his life among the “haves” and went on to go to an absolute “have” college.

    In fact, when the people of Hawaii hear of his “sad” and “tough” childhood, we shake our heads because THAT song don’t play here.

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