Read My Lipstick Blog-Roll Deleted


You may notice that The Pink Flamingo has deleted the Pro-Sarah Palin blog roll Read My Lipstick from her blog.

This has nothing to do with my lack of support for Sarah Palin and everything to do with the fact that I am increasingly concerned about the far right, anti -GOP turn many Palin supporters are taking.

As a staunch Republican, I can have nothing to do with this.  I do wish Sarah Palin would come out and stress that she is a Republican.  Not to do so is only giving ammunition to a group of individuals who do not have the best of wishes for the GOP.

The Pink Flamingo will no longer be involved in “groups” that identify themselves as conservative without specifying that they are REPUBLICAN in political philosophy.  This is not how we will defeat Obama and re-take the House and Senate in 2010.

The Pink Flamingo is first, last, and always Republican and cannot support any individual or cause, or group of people who do not have the best wishes of the Republican Party at heart.

Republicans stand for lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense, and keeping the government out of our lives, as well as promoting a healthy climate for business both small and large.

The Pink Flamingo authored some of the first national articles about Sarah Palin, a year before others jumped on the band-wagon. This support has never ceased and will not as long as Sarah Palin remains a Republican.

This growing trend toward the authority of anti-Republican writers and supporters is dangerous and will only end up harming the country, the GOP and more importantly Sarah Palin.

There is also a trend for certain far right self-promoting bloggers to use the “movement” to propel themselves and their extreme agenda into the national spotlight.  Good for you.  Just count me out of your little Tea Parties.

It is also apparent that there is a group of far right conservatives who are trying to not only censure those of us who find some of the far right support unpalatable, but we’ve also been strong-armed out of the entire “movement”.

Sorry, but that’s when I quit.

I do not like what I see going on within the “Pro-Palin Movement”.

Pink Flamingo readers know I am one of Sarah Palin’s ORIGINAL supporters. I have a “Palin 2012” bumper sticker on my Durango.


I can’t handle much more of this far right, NON Republican idol worship. The far right, is causing problems for Sarah Palin. They’ve turned her into a cross between the idolatry of Barack Obama and Joan of Arc. Along the way they are truly in danger of either marginalizing her or turning any potential campaign into a laughing-stock.

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t on purpose. Palin has a tremendous future in the GOP. But, if the far right has anything to do with it, she must be neutralized any way possible in order to neutralize the GOP.

It never ends. We hear about SP and the battle for the soul of the GOP. The only people who are fighting are the ones who are NOT Republicans and are trying to destroy the Republican Party in order to either advance the Libertarian, Constitution, or Conservative Party or other idiots, or are fronting for Obama.

There are the Tea Party stalwarts who are basically Ron Paul Bots and Libertarian wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are doing everything possible to render the GOP null and void. They’re fighting to destroy the soul of the GOP, but you won’t find real Republicans in the battle.

I’m sick and tired of the haters who pretend to be conservatives who are concerned about the GOP. They’re nothing but a bunch of big fat liars. Let’s put it this way, somehow I don’t see “normal” Republicans being profiled by the SPLC the way the most outspoken anti-GOP conservatives are.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of the lies:

“…The political scene is in flux. Voters are moving toward the GOP in the same way a family flees a burning house. They are escaping a fire and seeking shelter under the handiest roof. An assumption by establishment Republicans that they need only watch the Democrats’ house burn to the ground to reap the rewards is dangerous. That’s particularly true for the longer term. But, then, when do most politicians care about the longer term?…”

I subscribe to email from the Rabbi Daniel Lapin. (I highly recommend his work). I’ve been saving one of his email because I wanted to use it for a post like this one.

“….false gods are ruining their live….The Bible uses different Hebrew words for idols. One is PeSeL which means ‘engraved’ or ‘carved.’ This word hints at the compelling power of false gods. Once one embraces an idol in one’s life, it is a powerful force engraved upon one’s soul.

Another word for idol is ETZeV.

And they (the Philistines) left their idols there,
and David and his men burned them.
(II Samuel 5:21)

However, this is exactly the same word as used in this verse:

Like a deserted wife, sorrowful in spirit
Isaiah 54:6

ETZev is also the Hebrew word for sorrow.

So one word in Hebrew means both idol and sorrow? Exactly! We all live our lives according to certain rules. If we ignore or distort God’s rules, following false paths, or an ETZeV, the result is increased sorrow, ETZeV in our lives….”


2 thoughts on “Read My Lipstick Blog-Roll Deleted

  1. I too was one of the “original” supporters of Palin and I too have wondered why the attack and then the demand that Palin disasssociate herself from GWB and the GOP.

    A third party only hurts the GOP and it would also spell the end of Palin as a viable candidate.

    Mmm, I have, for a very long time, known that the Libertarians believed that if they killed the GOP, out of it’s ashes would rise their party.

    How truly stupid.

  2. WoW, will have to learn more about this subject, all i know from our party is the fact that most religious groups found her to be unfit to lead, the president and vice president made it clear that her decision to have a disable child though that was her decision and right by laws at the time, made it clear she would not be able to lead americans as she decided to put a burden on her family and shortly there after almost all womens groups and voices in the main media sounded the eco of support that she was under educated and didnt posses the beliefs and valuse of todays american woman, dont understand this post in general but find in totally amazing that any party thinks it can stand up to the democratic power in place now. we have some trouble with the so called blue dogs but they will be disiplined and fall in line or be replaced with loyal leaders who agree with our movement more of us than they are of them, but your party is so weak and defeated and financially stapped it is amazing to see the open hands of failure, but since most american women dislike her and she is out dated old failed news really, this is a low light so to say. you can detect anger in your post.

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