When Pranks Go Bad


Pink Flamingo reader Sally Vee sent this to me.  It is a tawdry tale of pranks gone bad.  Strangely enough, just minutes before I linked on it, I was talking to my friend, Leroy, about my grand-father Froehlich’s absolutely insane sense of humor and his practical jokes.

He once taught us (the older cousins) how to choose just the right apple.  It needed to be rotten, but still encased in the peel.  You put a ladyfinger in it, light it and watch as you make “applesauce”.  He was throwing them at his “kid” sister.  At the time he was a good 75 and his sister had to be 73 or so!

Pranknet, though, went way beyond blowing up rotten apples.

“…“Prankster” succeeded in convincing an Arby’s worker to activate the kitchen’s fire suppression system, which resulted in foam being discharged from overhead extinguishers. Powell, using the alias “Corey Taylor” (the name of the lead singer in the metal band Slipknot), joined the call in an unsuccessful attempt to get the worker to break windows due to the purported toxic nature of the foam. According to a Baytown Police Department report, an Arby’s manager estimated that the prank caused $4600 in damages and lost sales, and said that the restaurant would be shut until the local health department inspected the business and cleared it to reopen. A similar call by Powell and “Prankster” to a Baytown Jack in the Box did not fool employees there….”