UPDATED: Hillary Lashes Out – Gets the Palin Treatment!


UPDATED:  The Pink Flamingo’s extremely political mater (where do you think I got my proclivities) is absolutely furious over the way Hillary is being treated by the media.  She called to tell me I’d better mention that Hillary is being treated with as much disrespect because of her gender as Sarah Palin.

She’s right.

If we want to point out the viciousness with which SP was treated we need to stand up for Hillary Clinton.  It is obvious Obama is trying to sandbag her.

ORIGINAL POST:  The Pink Flamingo thinks we should consider the possibility that Obama sent Bill to North Korea to damage Hillary on her Big Trip – and maker he look bad.

Guess who is now being treated like dirt? (read the comments at the bottom of the article)

“…So where is the need for Hillary Clinton with all these male heroics? Is there even a job left for her to do? Is she even qualified to do the job? Forget about Clinton’s eight years as a Senator, her run for the White House, and the fact that Obama presumably thought she could handle the job. Forget about Clinton’s big picture strategy of recalibrating America’s relationships with Russia and China – evidently that doesn’t count. Even Tina Brown, who is generally sympathetic to Clinton, began fretting that she was being sidelined, and demanded that Obama let her out of the burka….”

Evidently Hillary Clinton is doing some hard-core diplomatic work in Africa, rolling up her sleeves, and getting her nose into something that perhaps Obama may not like.  Her trip is not being covered, and it is a monumental trip. The woman is doing some incredible work, and may be stepping on a few imperial toes (here in this country).

“...But Doug Schoen, a former adviser to President Clinton and FOX News contributor, said Hillary Clinton was a victim of circumstances.

“She is on an exhausting 11-day, seven-nation tour. She was tired,” he told FOX News. “This was also a forum about women, sexual exploitation, rape. So to ask a man’s opinion when the focus is women is a little sensitive. And President Clinton had just come from this successful visit to North Korea. So you might understand why at this particular time sensitivities were heightened.”…”

The Woman Looks Exhausted:  Hillary Clinton with Jaldeep Katwala and Jean Claude Ntumba. Photo by radiookapi.net
The Woman Looks Exhausted: Hillary Clinton with Jaldeep Katwala and Jean Claude Ntumba. Photo by radiookapi.net

Why did Obama send Bill to North Korea while Hillary was on her big trip, doing some very big things?

Was he trying to undermine her and maker her look bad?  He has undermined her – constantly, appointing envoys, Samantha Powers, people who report to him, and denigrate her position.

I think Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin need to start a Leading Lady Getting Dumped on by the He Man Woman Haters Club.

I think we now know if you want to know the real Hillary Clinton wait until she gets tired and is pushed into a corner.  Yes, she’s just like many women I know.  My sister lashes out when she gets hungry.  My mother loses it when she is in a lot of pain.  I get a little snippy when I am really tired and am pushed by idiots asking a lot of questions.  Golly – that’s just like Hillary.

It looks like Sarah Palin isn’t the only one to get the nasty treatment.  Obviously some of the over the top epitaphs hurled at SP were sexist.  Quickly reading this is proof enough.  While 75% of what SP experienced was political, there was a good 25% political snark.

“…Another said, “Sounds to me like these are issues better left worked out in therapy than through reporters.”

One source said she was likely “peeved and thinks it’s sexist. Here she is, a former senator, and current secretary of state, and these people from other countries are asking her what her man of the house says about an issue.”

Clinton lost the Democratic presidential nomination to Obama after a bitter, hard-fought, two-year battle that began with her seeming like the inevitable nominee.

But among her problems throughout was her husband’s penchant for generating damaging headlines with his criticisms of Obama.

In June, the secretary of state was sidelined after breaking her elbow. While recuperating, stories began circulating that she was being given a limited role in foreign policy, especially on crucial issues such as the Mideast peace process.

She responded that she may have broken her elbow, but “not my larynx,” and tried to re-establish herself as a global force.

But as she touched down in Africa, her husband once again upstaged her by traveling to North Korea….”

Just look at what Johnny Isakson told Ezra Klein about SP.  He also lit in to Michele Bachmann.

“…I just had a phone call where someone said Sarah Palin’s web site had talked about the House bill having death panels on it where people would be euthanized. How someone could take an end of life directive or a living will as that is nuts….”


First the attempted to destroy Sarah Palin. Now they are after Michelle Bachmann. The original title of this post was “Evidently Democrats Do Not Like Strong Republican Women” but then I realized Barack Obama has treated Hillery Clinton the very same way. It makes one wonder why Nancy Pelosi has been allowed to remain in power, but I hear she is so mean even Obama is terrified of her.

The other night I was watching something on the History Channel about Sex in the Ancient World. (No, it isn’t near as exciting as it sounds). The latest offering was about the ancient Egyptians.

Evidently denigrating strong women who are politically powerful is not limited to the past few years and the Democrats. There is a cave near the tomb of Hatshepsut. Inside the cave are pornographic and very graphic drawings of what should be done to one of the most powerful women in the history if the ancient world.

Hatshepsut became a powerful ruler in a man’s world. Therefore she had to be destroyed and degraded.  The same thing has happened to most women who try to achieve a lofty political position, and have vaunting ambitions.  If the insults hurled at Hillary today don’t prove it, I don’t know what will.

There is a post at the Huffy Post about Hillary’s trip.  It may give your more insight.  FYI – I think Obama is giving her the shaft.  I highly recommend the article.

“…Regarding the international press sniping about Clinton’s response to a poorly translated question at the town hall meeting in Kinshasa, I get it and more. Travel in Africa is difficult and trying, but travel in Congo is beyond belief. Word is that she had to fight to be allowed to take what are basically unsafe in-country flights from Kinshasa to Goma and back. Most of us who have worked there avoid those flights like the plague. Add the generally imperious nature of officials there, combined with jetlag and the horrors she has been witnessing all over the continent, it is no wonder she politely snapped a very curt answer to what appeared to be a very stupid question about her husband….”


3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Hillary Lashes Out – Gets the Palin Treatment!

  1. I don’t agree with much of Hillary’s platform but I respect her, and I hate seeing women being treated badly, when men in their position would not be.

    Nancy Pelosi scaring Obama.. that’s pretty funny!

    Great post.

  2. What the fuck is this? Why are you blaming Obama for the crapfest that Hillary Clinton is going through, due to her reaction to the question given to her by that Congolese student? What is your problem?

    I’m well aware that the Congolese student came off as sexist when he asked Clinton about her husband’s opinion on a political matter. And she had every right to be annoyed.

    But why are you blaming Obama for the treatment she is enduring from the media? What? You haven’t recovered from the fact that she had failed to be the first female president?

  3. “The Pink Flamingo thinks we should consider the possibility that Obama sent Bill to North Korea to damage Hillary on her Big Trip – and maker he look bad.”

    This is pathetic. You really haven’t recovered from the 2008 election, have you? And by the way, I’m a female.

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