Lindsey Repeats Warning about Afghanistan Troop Levels


Lindsey was right about Iraq and troop levels.

Now he is stating that we do not have enough troops in Afghanistan, repeatedly.

Naturally the incompetent Obama White House thinks differently.  When can we start calling them the gang that couldn’t shoot their foot in their mouth if they tried?

On Face the Nation, Lindsey said:

“…Graham says that if NATO allies don’t commit more troops and money in Afghanistan, then the U.S. must because Afghanistan is central to the fight against terrorism.

In Graham’s words: “We made mistakes in Iraq. Let’s not ‘Rumsfeld’ Afghanistan. Let’s not do this thing on the cheap.”…Graham suggested that Afghanistan was in danger of slipping away if current trends are not reversed. “There’s so much violence. We’ve lost parts of Afghanistan to the Taliban,” he warned…””


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