Michelle Malkin v. Meghan McCain


Meghan McCain reminds me of my oldest niece.  They even look a bit alike.  They are both the same age.  Meghan is more conservative than my niece on some things, and my niece is more conservative than she on others.  I think one of the far right’s problems with Meghan’s generation is they cannot be pegged.  My niece is seriously anti-abortion and seriously in love with Obama.  She’s having a difficult time dealing with this.  Meghan is pro-choice, fairly conservative with fiscal matters, and “modern” in her approach to social items.  She and my niece probably agree  50% of the time.

My niece will end up Republican.  She has too much respect for life that she is having a difficult time doing the liberal hard-line.  She was brainwashed by one of the legendary professors who likes to send innocent kids into horribly dangerous situations, so she can get the kudos for it.

Both girls need one thing – age.  They are still growing up and testing their wings.  For conservatives to pile onto Meghan McCain the way they do is deplorable.  She’s still a kid. I think many are basically jealous of her parental connections.  So what – Michelle Malkin used her hubby to get ahead.  Michael Reagan used his last name. Give the kid a break.  I know it terrifies the far right, but she is the future of the GOP – they are not.

And so – once again the conservative world wants Meghan McCain drawn and quartered, hung, keel-hauled, flogged, put in stocks, and probably exiled to the Moon.


Meghan McCain has a Daily Beast column where she basically rakes Michelle Malkin over the coals for not comprehending that we live in a changing world. Megan McCain reminds me of my niece.  She has a lot to offer, and a lot to learn.  I think she has become the flash-point for the real “war” the GOP faces.  Are we going to allow the far right, like Malkin, who is NOT a Republican control our agenda and who we “allow” to be a Republican, or are we going to listen to reason.

“…It’s true that Democrats make being a member appealing in a much different way than the Republican Party does. The Democrats seem to have mastered inclusiveness—whereas Republicans, like a country club, seem to require a litmus test. But if people like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter think they can bully me into giving up this fight and what I am doing, they are going to be severely disappointed. And I can assure them that unless they start being realistic about the cultural and generational differences between the two sides of the party, there will not be a new generation of Republicans….”

The Pink Flamingo has been saying the same thing for years.  Where Meghan gets it wrong is mistaking Michelle Malkin and her ilk for Republicans.  This is where the real problem is, and will be until Republicans come to grips with the fact that people like Malkin do not have our best interests at heart.

Then there is The Pink Flamingo’s friend Sally Vee.  She send me a link to a comment she left at HillBuzz. I emailed and told her I was going to use a portion of it.

“…Yeah, we have a serious problem with pride and ego on our side. And when it is combined with obnoxious “I told you so” and “I’m right, and you’re not” verbal bludgeoning, it’s a wonder there are any Republicans at all. A few of the most frequent Republican recipients of Mighty Righty rage these days: Michael Steele, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, of course John McCain. I just don’t get it. That’s a list of four men I love and respect tremendously!…”

The problem with “lashing out” at Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter is the fact that they have an army of loyal fans who know how to say very nasty things about people.  In fact, some of them are downright vicious.  In fact, Michelle Malkin can be downright vicious when it comes to someone who goes against her handlers.

Naturally Meghan McCain is the evil twit from hell because she dared criticize Michelle Malkin.  My complaint about Malkin is the fact that she is NOT Republican and never misses an opportunity to slam the GOP, no matter what.  I find rather amusing the fact that “normal” conservatives and Republicans will not go anywhere near Patrick J. Buchanan and don’t mind calling him a racist.  Strange how Michelle Malkin writes for some of the same publications, such as VDare, has some of the same associations, but she’s given a pass.

Meghan McCain may be young and sometimes a little too willing to rattle the elephant’s trunk, but I’d much rather associate with she and her friends than Malkin’s bunch – much, much rather.

People like Michelle Malkin and the far far far right are NOT Republicans and DO NOT have the best interests of the GOP at heart.  They are doing everything they can to harm the GOP.  It’s time people wake up and smell the dirty cat litter and dump it. If not, Obama is going to destroy our nation.

Malkin has a right to exist and write and prosper.  So does Meghan McCain.  I think Meghan is closer to the future of the GOP than is Malkin.  Sure, Meghan steps in it, quite often, but at least she’s trying.


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  1. “For conservatives to pile onto Meghan McCain the way they do is deplorable. She’s still a kid.”

    And THAT’S the problem. She’s still a kid…24 going on 14. There’s something wrong with that. She’s shamefully uninformed, shockingly stupid, and not the least bit curious about anything other than pop culture and twitter. AND YET….she has appointed herself the new spokesperson for young Republicans. If you don’t like it, Meghan is only too happy to tell you to “Kiss my ass!!” which happens to be her favorite thing to say. So mature. She’s getting A LOT of push-back, as she should.

    Meghan is a spoiled brat who thinks that when she wants something, all she has to do is take it. There’s no work or effort or time put in to what she wants. She just takes it. And if she meets with resistance, which she most definitely is now, she stomps her feet, throws a tantrum, and yells, “Kiss my ass!!” She’s as hateful as she accuses everyone else of being, and people are justifiably sick of being lectured by this know-nothing, nasty little jerk.

  2. I gather you aren’t very familiar with kids her age. Like I said, she’s the same age and personality as my niece, who is also spoiled. There is nothing wrong with having been spoiled and given a break. Like I said, she’s just like my niece.


  3. “I gather you aren’t very familiar with kids her age.”

    You gather wrong. I’ve got three kids all in their mid to late 20’s, and thank God, they don’t behave like entitled immature brats.

    “There’s nothing wrong with having been spoiled and given a break.”

    Being given a break is great. Being spoiled is not. If you don’t know the difference, then maybe you’re a little bit like Meghan McCain…not too bright.

    As far as your assertion that she is closer to the future of the GOP than Michelle Malkin is, that may be true, but only with the 12-and-under set. Meghan is horrendous and is slowly but surely turning herself in to a national joke.

  4. I gather you are not a Republican, but are “independent”.

    You are very fortunate to have 3 successful offspring in their 20’s, very fortunate. Unfortunately I have learned that things happen to young people and to perfect families, rendering them not so perfect.

    There is nothing wrong with being a spoiled brat. I come from a long line of spoiled brats. Maybe that’s why I can give Meghan McCain a break. She’s a “Daddy’s Little Girl” as am I. There is comfort in knowing that you have a certain cushion in life, that isn’t necessarily financial but unconditional love. I gather if your perfect children did something outlandish you would castigate them to no end, and feel free to allow the rest of the country to do so. There is something quite special knowing that your parents are going to stand behind you and only step in to criticize when you prove to be a danger to yourself and others. Otherwise, knowing that you are happy and doing something you enjoy is enough for them.

    I do not have children and never plan to have them. I am pleased, though, with my sister, who has only stepped in to “deal” with her grown children when they have had very real problems. Otherwise, she drove her oldest child to the airport when she decided to go to Africa to document war crimes. She met her youngest in LA when she wanted to be a fashion consultant. She’s never criticized nor denigrated them when they’ve made fools of themselves, being very aware that we all have a God-given right to make fools of ourselves when we are young.

    The one thing that makes everyone in my family angry is when people step in and criticize my sister’s children because they are doing something that person might not like.

    Would you like someone doing to your children what is being done to Meghan McCain? If you say yes, you aren’t much of a parent and don’t know much about unconditional love. If you say yes, then I truly pity your children.

    The Pink Flamingo

  5. Meghan McCain has as much write to speak her mind as Malkin, Coulter, Buchanan, Beck, Rush, or anyone else. She also has a right to her opinion and even conservative kids I know her age tend to side with Meghan. They don’t really care about gay marriage and even abortion that much. Most don’t want someone telling them how to live their life so why would they be vocal on how someone else should live is what I keep hearing. They do object to the Government paying for abortions. They are adament that no tax dollars go for abortion. They also do not believe in medical benefits for a partner unless they are married. What they are objecting to is gay couples getting medical benefits but not heterosexual couples who decide to live together. Once again it is the federal government should not pay for someone’s lifestyle decision.

    They see national security, fiscal conservatism, and judges that rule on the law not make law as the issues of the day. Those same items are the ones that made a lot of us Conservative following Barry Goldwater’s run for President. It wasn’t social issues. I don’t think she is that much different then a lot of us were when we were younger. You change your opinions as you grow and learn more about the real world.

    Why is it that some conservatives like some liberals think it is okay for them to have their opinions but diverse opinions are not welcome? It seems to affect the far left and the far right for the most part.

  6. If Meghan McCain’s name were Meghan Coulter or Meghan Malkin or Meghan Beck or Meghan Limbaugh she would be treated as the 2nd coming of the 2nd coming. Since her last name is “McCain” she is dirt.


  7. The only thing you said that made ANY sense, whatsoever, was your reference to my “perfect” children. They’re not perfect, but pretty damn close.

  8. So, it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re a Republican? The author has conveniently forgotten Lincoln Chafee, Arlen Spector and the Maine twins (Olympia Snow and Susan Collins”).
    BTW: Here’s some advice from the 1960s: being nice guarantees you’ll loose!

    It Isn’t Nice

    Notes: words and music by Malvina Reynolds; copyright 1964 Schroder Music Company, renewed 1993. This original version of the song was banned from the radio in Japan–in Japanese, but not in English!

    It isn’t nice to block the doorway,
    It isn’t nice to go to jail,
    There are nicer ways to do it,
    But the nice ways always fail.
    It isn’t nice, it isn’t nice,
    You told us once, you told us twice,
    But if that is Freedom’s price,
    We don’t mind.

    It isn’t nice to carry banners
    Or to sit in on the floor,
    Or to shout our cry of Freedom
    At the hotel and the store.
    It isn’t nice, it isn’t nice,
    You told us once, you told us twice,
    But if that is Freedom’s price,
    We don’t mind.

    We have tried negotiations
    And the three-man picket line,
    Mr. Charlie didn’t see us
    And he might as well be blind.
    Now our new ways aren’t nice
    When we deal with men of ice,
    But if that is Freedom’s price,
    We don’t mind.

    How about those years of lynchings
    And the shot in Evers’ back?
    Did you say it wasn’t proper,
    Did you stand upon the track?
    You were quiet just like mice,
    Now you say we aren’t nice,
    And if that is Freedom’s price,
    We don’t mind.

    It isn’t nice to block the doorway,
    It isn’t nice to go to jail,
    There are nicer ways to do it
    But the nice ways always fail.
    It isn’t nice, it isn’t nice,
    But thanks for your advice,
    Cause if that is Freedom’s price,
    We don’t mind.

  9. I can’t stand Beck, O’Reilly, Coulter, Malkin, Palin, Breitbart, Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al., but Malkin wins with her whine. They are killing our Nation. Why is it these media outlets are allowed to continue to spout this vile trash? If your not lock step in religion or politics they shut you down. Time for this government to shut them down!

    Obama has more intelligence while he’s sleeping than all above put together awake. Great site! President Obama, your doing a damn good job Sir.

    Tina from Tulane

  10. Tina:

    Having problems with the 1st Amendment?

    Oh, and were you wanting to shut down Kos, DU, Huffpo, Olbermann, Matthews, Stewart, COlbert, and Couric when they were slamming Bush 43?

    I guess you have gone from “truth to power” to “‘truth’ for power”

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