The Great Unwashed American Mob



Back in the days when we had a real President – a man with honor and dignity, he was treated like dirt.  Now, though, vile, evil, well-dressed protesters are out to ruin Obama’s day.  But – what about the bused in folks for Obama?


When there are protests against Obama, this is one of the way protesters react:





Funny how it was acceptable, it was the in thing to do what ever one wanted to do to GWB, but it is racist to criticize Obama, and now it is racist to use the word “socialist” which is the new “N” word.




I’d forgotten about Ronald Reagan being assaulted by a protester.  The audio is terrible, but you get the point.



Flopping Aces has a little “expose” about Princess Pelosi and her protest promotions over the years.   She never cared about the way George W. Bush was treated, neither did the media (Sister Toldjah).


Obama is doing the rent-a-thug thing with taxpayer money.  The press ignored the way GWB was treated.


“...”BUSH: WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE,” read the placard, which had an X over the word “ALIVE.”

Another poster showed Bush’s face with the words: “F— YOU, MOTHERF—ER!”

A third sign urged motorists to “HONK IF YOU HATE BUSH.” A fourth declared: “CHRISTIAN FASCISM,” with a swastika in place of the letter S in each word.

Although reporters from numerous national news organizations were traveling with Bush and witnessed the protest, none reported that protesters were shrieking at Republican donors epithets like “Slut!” “Whore!” and “Fascists!”

Frank Dulcich, president and CEO of Pacific Seafood Group, had a cup of liquid thrown into his face, and then was surrounded by a group of menacing protesters, including several who wore masks. Donald Tykeson, 75, who had multiple sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair, was blocked by a thug who threatened him.

Protesters slashed the tires of several state patrol cruisers and leapt onto an occupied police car, slamming the hood and blocking the windshield with placards. A female police officer was knocked to the street by advancing protesters, badly injuring her wrist.

The angry protest grew so violent that the Secret Service was forced to take the highly unusual step of using a backup route for Bush’s motorcade because the primary route had been compromised by protesters, one of whom pounded his fist on the president’s moving limousine.

All the while, angry demonstrators brandished signs with incendiary rhetoric, such as “9/11 – YOU LET IT HAPPEN, SHRUB,” and “BUSH: BASTARD CHILD OF THE SUPREME COURT.” One sign read: “IMPEACH THE COURT-APPOINTED JUNTA AND THE FASCIST, EGOMANIACAL, BLOOD-SWILLING BEAST!”

Yet none of these signs were cited in the national media’s coverage of the event. By contrast, the press focused extensively on over-the-top signs held by Obama critics at the president’s town hall event held Tuesday in New Hampshire….”