Dump Glenn Beck, Please!


The Pink Flamingo has stated that if there is something where she agrees with Barack Obama, then well, by golly, it will be stated right up front!

As a Republican, I want Glenn Beck off the air – yesterday!

I think he is a disaster.  But – I think what the Obama Administration is doing is dangerous, horrible, and even Glenn Beck does not deserve this treatment.

Now he’s a martyr.

Now all the anti-Republican conservatives are out to support their little deranged leader, who needs to be locked up in a padded cell for our protection.

The Obama Administration alleged thugs are giving themselves kudos for causing Beck’s advertisers to back off and pull their advertising.  Last night The Pink Flamingo heard from a source that Beck’s advertisers were dumping him in droves – and Obama wasn’t the reason.

Beck is dangerous.

He is so anti-Republican he is hurting the GOP.

If the GOP loses the House and Senate in 2010, I blame Beck.


4 thoughts on “Dump Glenn Beck, Please!

  1. You have said that you do not watch Beck. I have a proposition. Watch him for one week. Then give your opinion. Not just clips, watch the entire show. 5 of them.
    I thought he was a nut the first couple of shows…couldn’t get through the whole thing. Then, he had a guest on that caught my attention. Then another, then I understood his theatrics. I now record and watch all shows.
    One of my facebook “friends” just asked everyone who watched fox, or listened to Rush to Un friend him. He has never watched or listened…he hears clips from MainStreamNationalBarackChannel and Huffington (Ariana used to be a republican)Post.
    I watch and read from various sources so that I see from both sides and decide myself. I stood and cheered when Sarah was named running mate for a man I thought would NEVER win. The race was only close because of Sarah and I don’t even think she’s ready..but was the best shot we had considering McCain was last standing man against Obama. Don’t get me started on McCain…
    Quit bashing Beck unless you have watched him. He gives us information NO ONE else is giving us.

  2. I’ve watched Beck, a number of times. Don’t think I am such a fool that I would say something about someone I’d not watched. I think Beck is an over-acting fool who is out to destroy the GOP. I am a Republican. I am not a Libertarian. There’s a difference. Beck is a Libertarian. He never hesitates to slam good and decent Republicans. If we lose in 2010 it is because Beck has brainwashed his listeners, who are simply Losertarian versions of Obamabots.


    P. S. What truly annoys me about Beck is he is doing some excellent work on ACORN and Dem corruption. His outlandish and over-the-top style of presentation almost renders his work useless. He needs to have a time out with a prozac chaser and learn how to behave more like an adult.

  3. You can say what you want about Beck…I’ve learned more about what’s going on in politics. I watch with pen and paper in hand and check everything he say’s on the enternet. It’s shockingly true.

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