George Bush Was Right? Who Knew?


Think back on all the tales you remember, before the advent of Obamalot.  While The One was campaigning to be Ruler of the Universe, one of his demands was that people quit spending money!

Bush Was Right!
Bush Was Right!

The One (Campaigning) pontificated on how telling people to go out and spend money, and sending a little check to every taxpayer was just plain wrong and irresponsible.  He made fun of President Bush for telling people, after 9/11 to go out and spend money.  Spending was patriotic, Bush told us.  Well, it worked for me.  Obama made fun of Bush and told his brain-dead followers to STOP SPENDING.

They did.

Golly gee…fast forward to the dog days of August.  Low and behold, this AM, on FOX, The Pink Flamingo heard the financial pundits discussing how much better Obama’s stimulus would have been if he had only just given COLD HARD CASH to the American People so they could go out and buy things and stimulate the economy.

But Barry didn’t want his minions spending their money.  Makes you wonder how much his little syncopants cost the economy last July when he started pontifiating about how they needed to stop spending.

Makes you wonder about a lot of things, especially when there are a few economists who admit the “stimulus” would have really helped our economy if the little Dems would have followed the GWB example and sent cold hard cash to the American people instead of padding their little government pockets.

It’s called “Trickle Down” – and it does work.

George W. Bush was right.

Makes you wonder what else he was right about…WMD, Terror….just to name a few things!


2 thoughts on “George Bush Was Right? Who Knew?

  1. I heard a good one…Prager told a listener, I’ll give you a dollar for every time someone called Obama a Hitler, if you give me a dollar for every time somebody called Bush a Hitler…

    The caller refused to take the bet.

    It’s so amusing that everything that was ok to do and bash Bush on is NOT ok when done to Obama.

    “Welcome to the real world” comes to mind and poor rich boy pretending to be “one of the inner city kids”…his psyche can’t handle it.

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