Harry Teague’s Two Step


A friend has been exercising (or should I say exorcising the way things are going) her right to take part in the Great American Drama and ongoing debate about Health Care Reform.  Like everyone else in NM’s 2nd Congressional District, she is getting the royal run-around from both Harry Teague and his obviously harassed staff.  The following is made up of a series of email between my friend and Drew Stout, Harry Teague’s field Rep in Roswell.

Harry Teague was in his Alamo office the other day, giving his constituants the usual run around.

To be fair, I am including his contact information but redacting my friends: Office of Congressman Harry Teague (NM-2)    102 E. Fourth, Ste. 102 | Roswell, NM 88201
575-622-4178 (Main) |  575-622-4583 (Fax)


…What do we as citizens have to do to reach Congressman Teague.  You are a great guy.  I’ve watched you listen to person after person say your choice of employer is out of line and off base in his votes for the continuous and profligate spending going on in Washington.  Taking over Health Care is the last straw when there are smaller, better ways to bring down the costs of care and insurance.  Tort reform (might jeopardize the Congressman’s re-election bid), eliminating state boundaries that restrict the sale of insurance (too easy???? what about car insurance?), and eliminating the waste, fraud and abuse in Government administered entitlement programs (donor’s again) are just three. I watched a Pennsylvania congressman say this evening that he, not the people of his state (who disagree by 53% with Health Care take-over), knows what’s best.  Does Harry Teague feel that way, too????  Just saying so would save you a lot of grief.

The reply to my friend’s email:


I apologize for the delay in response.  You are correct, we have been getting an enormous amount of calls and emails this week.  Congressman Teague has had town halls already this month, and I know that the scheduling staff is working as fast as possible to coordinate and confirm events.  The best way to find out is by looking on our website where they will be advertised as they are confirmed.  www.teague.house.gov

Congressman Teague puts constituent opinion above all other opinions; which is the reason why all staff takes notes and logs every constituent call, email, or regular mail.  I understand your frustration and again, I apologize for the delay, but the Second Congressional District of New Mexico is extremely large and it takes a lot of time to cover it all.  So please continue to check our website for updates, and the local media for announcements about public meetings.  Also please feel free to continue to send emails to me.


My friend’s reply.

Your confirmation process makes it difficult for New Mexico citizens to attend Congressman Teague’s “drop-by’s.  I check the Website almost every night looking for an opportunity to address the Congressman.  I don’t think 48 hours notice is too much to ask.  Even 24 would be nice.  Looks more and more like a shell game to me.  I know you work hard.  I’ve seen it.  I don’t envy you at all.  But if getting the Congressman in front of the people of New Mexico is the objective, you might try a little more notice and a little more amenable time frames.”