Cuba Is Running Out of TP & Obama Plans Another Vacation


The Pink Flamingo cannot think of anything more appropriate for the Age of Obama, a more apocalyptic sign of the impending collapse of the Age of Obama as we know it than the fact that his little Commie buddies in Cuba are running out of Toilet Paper.

NOTE TO BARACK:  This is what happens when Commies run the country. Oh, wait a minute, they have a great time, traveling here and there, to hot spots around the world.

Not to worry, El Presidente’ and the little Mrs. (Michelle Antoinette) will be taking a little side trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon.  According to Robert Gibbs, it is to highlight our park system.  I guess Michelle Antoinette will be forcing all the pathetic little people out of the parks so she can tour them at leisure.

Yea, right.

It’s just another free trip at taxpayer expense.

BTW, you might want to check out Aunt Edna’s death.  It’s what Obama has planned for all of us – eventually.


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