If the MSM Were Honest


If the MSM were honest, they would subject Barack Obama to the same sort of treatment they subject Sarah Palin too.  They problem is they are not honest, and lie to support their great savior.

Unfortunately, this evening, I walked into the hot condo (still no air) in time to hear Obama finish up his pathetic health care speech and take questions from the audience.  If a George W. Bush had put on such a sad, tragic, and abjectly ignorant performance, that’s all the media would be doing the moment the thing was over.  We would never hear the end about how abjectly incompetent he was.

Not with Obama. All they can do is drool and cover for him.  There was no stage-craft.  There was no polish, no finesse.  There was only sad, pathetic incompetence. There was so much anger in the man that he is a little scary.  He’s living life on the edge.  If he truly is a narcissist,he’s going to snap, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

The man sounds testy, angry, and impatient.  It is obviously he does not like the American people and has no respect for any of us.

I forced myself to be honest as I listened to the little _______  ______ #$@& and a few initials Obama.  The man in in over his head AJ Strata pegged it correct.  The man does not know what he is talking about.  He is either too arrogant or too stupid to admit he is in over his head.  Michael Medved’s wife has an excellent commentary about Obama and Obamacare.

He has no idea what is in the House bill.  Either that or he’s such a narcissistic sociopath and a compulsive liar that he doesn’t give a rip about what he says, and thinks it is acceptable to lie to the American people.

I have never heard an American POTUS demonize one segment of the population before, and get away with it. He is demonizing those who oppose him, telling us to ‘turn down the volumn’ while he is having ACORN, etc. bus thugs in to take over meetings through-out the country.

Once again forcing myself to pull back from my abject lack of respect for a man I think is in no way fit, not to mention qualified for the august position he holds, I must view him with abject pity.  I guess what really bothers me is the fact that the man is so shallow and so superficial there is nothing to him.  He is like a windsoc in front of a service station, blowing in the breeze.

What troubles me about someone who is that shallow, superficial, and so far over-employed that they reek of incompetence is how they cope.  I know someone who is very shallow, superficial, and is interested in a good time, looking good, and having the admiration of others.  This person has a problem with substance abuse, anger, and basically doesn’t comprehend or connect with the world around them.

No, I’m not talking about Obama.  I’m talking about someone else.

The man needs our prayers.  So does the other person I mentioned.

The worst of it, if the MSM were honest, he never would have been elected.  But, they created a monster, and must now do what ever it takes to support him, to prove they are right.  Even if they must destroy our country in the process, by golly they are going to stand by their man.

My mother likes to say that a wise man changes his mind but a fool, never.