Abuse by NM Child Protective Services


The Pink Flamingo just got off the phone with a very good friend.  Last Monday her grand-daughter took their first great-grandchild to the pediatrician in Roswell.  The two month old little girl was crying, constantly.

She had a two broken bones.

The pediatrician immediately called NM Child Protective Services, who immediately took the baby away from her mother, who is still nursing.  They took the baby to ABQ a  hospital – and have labeled my friend’s grand-daughter an abusive parent.

Tuesday morning my friend told me that she and her daughter were driving to ABQ to be with the new mommy.  And – the baby had two additional broken bones.   Before they left, I quickly downloaded and printed out about a half inch stack of case records of Brittle Bone Disease, and how various social workers world over have literally abused parents who have children who suffer from the disease.

NEW MEXICO CPS does not recognize Brittle Bone Disease as an actual disease, instead they consider any child suffering from it has been abused, and they take the child away from the parent.

The doctor who consulted in ABQ refused to call in a specialist for a second opinion until late Friday.  By that time the baby was ready to be dismissed. CPS took the baby away from the hospital before the specialist could arrive, even though the family begged CPS to allow the second opinionThey refused to allow the child to be examined by a specialist.  The child is suffering.  But – that’s okay, as long as they insure she has been taken away from her abusive mother.  Second opinions are not necessary in diagnosing a proven disease they do not recognize!

The family was literally escorted off hospital property by an armed guard.  My friend said it was humiliating.  At least they immediately secured an attorney in ABQ.  The baby is now here in Ruidoso because her mother is breast-pumping her milk.  CPS sends someone over to get the milk.

There is a hearing tomorrow morning.

The way the family has been treated is barbaric, something you would see in a Lifetime chick flick.

My friend said she has never been treated so badly in her life.

To refuse to call in a second opinion, and brand the whole thing child abuse, and then subject the child to ongoing pain is barbaric and criminal in itself.

Fortunately the family has hired an attorney.

My friend has given me permission to start telling her story to get the information out as soon as possible.  I told her until I get all the facts we will not be using names.  They are well known in the community, very well respected, and have raised so darn many children – who are indulged.

We’re talking NM Child Protective Services who refused to help Cody Posey, when his plight was reported again and again.  Because his father worked for the great Sam Donaldson, nothing was done, until the child was pushed to the point where he murdered his abusive parents.  CPS did NOTHING to help this child.


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  1. Suggest that they try to reach Kimberly Hart at NCADRC (National Child ABuse Defense and Resource Center in Toledo to ensure that their attorney is up to date on defense materials and/or has access to an attorney in the state who has attended NCADRC International Conferences.

    The State and US Constitutional liberty safeguard issues should be raised for the baby and parents, etc. early on and MAYBE the defense attorney (not always one who has a clue how “family” courts that ignore due process and Constitutions actually work and can start to dis-member a family before anyone has a clue) can demand that the accusing doctors produce the peer-reviewed published in reputable orthopedic journals (not child abuse rags) replicated studies that support their claims of the origin of the injuries.

    Too often doctors (who’ve been mis-educated in med schools) not only rush to judgment–but perhaps their malpractice carriers can be contacted and will see things differently–to diagnose a RESULT by wrongly claiming that it is a cause. There is even belief in TBB (temporary brittle bone) in which a large baby and small mother mean that the baby doesn’t move a lot in the womb, is born and suffers some temporary fractures; but, just their luck, outgrows the problem in foster care and that “proves” that the mother must have done something, maybe even not eat right if they can’t find anything else.

    Kim Hart is excellent at connecting the best science known with defense attorneys. The best in the world have a LOT of trouble overcoming the presumption of guilt AND the failure to use Constitutional law in the ambience of immunity for everyone from the judge down. The judge SHOULD demand that the doctors prove their claims with such as the science above. Can’t happen.

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