2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Tombstone Reading

  1. For some reason I keep receiving your column link in my google alert. Why?

    Why would I want to read about your blind, slobbering adulation of the highly-functioning-imbecile aka George W. Bush who should be tried for war crimes and for reversing the Constitution with the Patriot Act? Or your constant Democrat vs. Republican bickering as if Bush and Obama weren’t just two puppets out to destroy America?

    Or your pro-war idiocy (self-titled Christians like you just adore wars and totally fell for that “War on Terror” hoax)?

    And Palin??? A genuine imbecile with an IQ of below 110, loves blowing heads off of wolves from helicopters and giving laughing interviews in front of turkey slaughterhouses and just your COMPLETE AND UTTER lunatic drivel???

    You make me embarrassed to be part of the same species as whatever you claim to be (human, I think).

  2. Dear Sock Puppet;

    You don’t seem to have much regard for my intelligence, but you don’t have the brain capacity to know how to deal with a simple Google Alert. I’ve never heard of you before, sorry to deflate your ego. Google Alerts are handled on the receiver’s end, so just put a sock in it and take care of yourself. Yes, I’m an evil, stupid Republican. I believe in doing things for one’s self.

    Deal with your own Google Alert.


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