Hating Meghan McCain & Her Generation


Meghan McCain is now the favorite poster child of conservative right wingers when it comes to hate.  She is everything they dislike, spoiled, pretty, and has genetics on her side.  They can’t stand the fact that she used her name and connections.  It happens all the time – in liberal Hollywood.  It happens all the time in Democratic political circles.  It happens in GOP circles, as long as the person is not Meghan McCain.

The latest commentary in the Post laments the fact that Meghan is shallow and does not opine on serious topics.

“...Not once does the Arizona gal offer up any substance on policy. She never weighs in on the health care debate, fiscal responsibility, or Hillary’s African outburst. She never quite explains why she is a Republican, only why she hates them. Something tells me she doesn’t really know…Pundits, unfortunately, aren’t elected. It’s the media — hardly a sympathetic voice — who decides that Meghan McCain is a legitimate Republican voice. She’s not. She’s the sales girl at Top Shop, imbecilic, catty and naive.

Meghan, they’re using you to make the GOP look broken and stupid; and I can only imagine you’re using them for fame. But please, if you do care about your father’s party, stop.

You’ve gotten swept into deep waters, and you’re only going to drown the rest of us, too….”

Meghan McCain committed the unpardonable sin last week when she dared to criticize Michelle Malkin, the far far right’s maven of racism and hatred.  I just can’t see defending a woman who writes for Vdare. She’s not even a Republican.

So what if Meghan is young and “shallow”.  The far right who criticizes her (non GOP far right) are the same people who complain about the left criticizing Sarah Palin for being shallow and superficial.  It’s like this.  If you want to be taken seriously, quit throwing bombs at Republicans all the time.  How is what is written about Meghan McCain any different from what is being written about Sarah Palin?

Evidently the problem with Meghan McCain is the fact that she does not write about “serious” topics.

Give me a break!  I don’t expect serious topics from Meghan McCain.  I also don’t expect the far far non-Republican right to have a sense of humor.  After all they are the ones who must tell the GOP what to do OR ELSE!  I’m getting a little tired of their self-righteous hate.

The GOP needs to attract young voters in order to stay alive and viable.  We’re sure not going to do it by allowing the self-righteous voice of non-Republican conservatives to dominate the conversation.

We live in a new world with a new generation.  Deal with it or be left in the dust.