Loren Coleman On GA Dog Mauling Deaths


The Pink Flamingo was going to ignore the horrific story about a Lexington, GA woman who was out walking her dogs and was mauled to death, then her husband, who went looking for her met the same fate.

Then I found a post by Loren Coleman questioning the species of the animals who killed the couple.  Authorities are rounding up the “usual suspects” and have so far caught 16 dogs.

When The Pink Flamingo lived in the upstate of South Carolina the problem was not feral dogs, even though they were getting worse.  The real problem was coyotes.  There is an article out of Toronto about coyote-wolf hybreds.  I’m even wondering about that in conjunction with the GA deaths.

I know for a fact that wolves had been released in our area, which was less than 100 miles from the region of Georgia where the couple was killed.  We also have a massive coyote problem, to the point where there were times when it was insane to even walk the dog.

In the back pasture of our property was a colony of coyotes.  The farmer who was renting the property said he counted at least 40 adult coyotes one time.  He and his wife were out in the pasture one day when the pack of coyotes, dozens of them, started running toward him to attack.  His wife was standing by the truck.  She jumped in the truck and rushed through the pack, hitting a couple of them, to get to her husband.  They say he would have been killed.

After the incident my father hired someone to go in and start shooting them.  After a day scouting the animals, he came out, saying there were so many coyotes he was afraid to go out into the pasture, even armed, in a truck.

There were times at night, when you would hear them howling near the fence line.  I often wondered if I would be able to get from the car to the house and inside in time, if they were to break through the fence.


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