Dear Republican “leader”: So You Want to Run For President?


This is an open letter to the following individuals who have shown an interest in running for President in 2012.

Haley Barbour
Newt Gingrich
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Bobby Jindal
Sarah Palin
Tim Pawlenty
Mitt Romney


Are you serious about securing the 2012 nomination and winning the whole shebang?

Do you want to be heralded as heroic to one and all?

Then get off your tushies and start doing the following: L – E – A – D.

Barack Obama has proven he is an incompetent, impotent, grasping, lying little bully who will do just about anything in order to maintain power and shake down the American People to bad the pockets of those around him.

Nancy Pelosi has proven she will do just about anything to maintain her quest for absolute power.

Harry Reid is so incompetent and such a nothing of an individual that he goes where ever Nancy Pelosi drags his leash.

Their over-reach is astounding.  Their abuse of power is breath-taking even for Democrats.  They don’t care about Americans.  They don’t give a damn about basic human rights or freedom.  They don’t seem to really care about what We The People think.  They know better than We The Unwashed, Ignorant Masses.

The world is your oyster, dear Republican “leader”, and you are the pearl.  We could go through a whole catalogue of Cole Porter songs about you being the top, the ace in the hole, you are a Yankee Doodle, that anything goes, you can do no wrong, and you irritate me so very much.  You are sensational as you count your blessings, just don’t fence us in!  Here comes the bandwagon, and he’s the Right guy (or gal)!  Currently all you are doing is watching the world go by – no wonder taxes are high.  If you don’t step out, all we are going to be doing to make way for the emperor.  So, come on dear Republican Leaders, let’s misbehave, let’s face it, keep your chin up, could it be you?  I get a kick out of you as you get back in circulation.  We have an awful lot to learn but I have my eyes on your candidacy.  Remember, it pays to advertise that it was written in the stars.  It’s time to begin the beguine because it is fate!

Get the corny picture?

Roll out the red, right and blue.

Fight, Fight, Fight, win one for the Gipper.

Had enough of cliches?

So what if Obama’s media isn’t going to pay attention.  Local outlets will.

You don’t have the money?

You go out and fight and I’ll donate to the point where Bloomingdales will be sending search parties to see where I am.

Get it?

Now you want the Irving Berlin catalogue?

Do this for your country and my country, reach for the moon, let’s all be Americans now, as we pray for God to Bless America!  Oh, heck, we all know anything you can do Barack can do better, but blue skies are just ahead because we are free!

Pundits talk about the GOP leadership deficit.  The Republican party has some very good leaders.  The problem is, we’re like a rudderless clipper, the great captain of our ship of state has been replaced a wretched hive of scum and villainy.  We are so accustomed to the greatness of George W. Bush, that one of the leadership problems in the GOP is finding someone to step up to the plate and hit one out.

I don’t to classify our current crop of potential POTUS nominees as shy, they’re just sitting back, like other GOP leaders, being polite.

Get over it.

The time has come for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country – and turn their vocal opposition to the things that are going on in DC into LEADERSHIP.

Someone needs to stand up and start complaining about the unconstitutional things the Dems are doing.

All we want is to see a few good men and women getting up there to fight with us.  We simply cannot do all the heavy lifting alone.  We need you.

And – we promise – if you get out there and roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty in the trenches along with us, we will reward your efforts.

Reagan beat the you know what out of Jimmy Carter because he was positive.  He believed in America and in us.  If you will get out there and wrap everything in the flag, be positive, and God Bless America, talk about patriotism, love of country, freedom, and tell the truth about Obama and what the Dems are doing, you will win.

You can’t just twitter, appear on Hannity, FOX, do an op-ed for the WSJ or USA Today.  Facebook isn’t enough. Come join us.  Stand up and be in your face as you ring the bell for liberty and freedom.

Everything we hold dear is at risk and right now it looks like the whole lot of you care only enough to stay in your comfort zones.

That’s not enough.


Start showing up at Democrat town halls.

And – please remember there is more to this country than New Hampshire and Iowa. They may be the first two primary states, but you need donations from everywhere in the US. You want our money – then show me the leadership.

Show us  how much you want to defeat Obama and win.

Show us your patriotism.

More importantly, show us your courage and leadership skills.


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