Has Fox Given Glenn Beck a Time Out?


The Pink Flamingo has been saying, for weeks, that Glenn Beck needs a time out.

It now appears that is indeed what is happening this week at FOX.  Scuttlebutt is at least 20 advertisers have dropped his show, allegedly over the “racist remark” boycott.

I wonder if it is more that just that.  The advertisers did not dump FOX, just Beck, moving their advertising to other shows.

The plot thickens:

“…Update: Sources close to Beck have contacted TVNewser denying that this was a forced vacation. Beck’s personal publicist Matthew Hiltzik forwarded us an email dated July 14th sent by Christopher Balfe, President & COO of Mercury Radio Arts and General Manager of Beck’s radio show, addressed to Mercury Radio employees reading:

Glenn will be off of radio & TV the week of August 17th, returning to air August 24th.
Contrary to that, our tipsters tell us it was Beck himself who was telling Fox staffers last week that he was “forced to take the week off.”

> Update: Hiltzik tells TVNewser: “It’s sad and disappointing that despite denials from all parties involved — Fox and Glenn — and with objective proof that plans were made months ago, that someone continues to peddle this completely bogus story.”…”


One thought on “Has Fox Given Glenn Beck a Time Out?

  1. This should show you the power of the DNC as stated in a prvious post We have control over the Businesses that need us to survive and any tv show must have sponcers without them you have no money, his views are considered damaging to the party goals thus if he refuses to comply with boundries until new legislation is past he has to go or FOX will lose more and more sponcers cant make a profit if you dont have sponcers. He should have just toned down and complied with the new way of doing business, if you live in a glass house you dont send rocks through the air ways against the party in power, He will only be misse for a short time and othes will fall as he has and after a few months no one will care. In case you didnt know most of the Fox people support the DNC and its agenda so change their will come also or it will just go away through a buy out, this link has to be closed off. so if will become a priority for first of next year. With him in denial also this should tell you how weak the anti new government moment is. Fox should have joined the media reeducation program instead of counting on ratings. After our government health care system passes and become law, watch how fast FOX joins the program in putting out the data that people to hear. Next on the agenda is the anti government controls that need to be in place money is power and if you want to continue to have that you join.

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