Yankee Doodle Dandy and Wining Elections


The Pink Flamingo thinks that the only way the GOP is going to be able to capitalize on the Obama morass and mess is to go POSITIVE.

We need Red, Right and Blue.

We need to accentuate the positive, be proud of our nation, and wrench back a spirit of patriotism, love of country, duty, and what it means to be an American.

Right now this nation is wallowing in negativity and darkness.  If the Republican Party will go positive, offer solutions that are simple, and honest, we can defeat this darkness.

The GOP does not win when it goes negative.  But – when we reach inside ourselves and pull out what is so great about this land, we win – every time.

Don’t tell us what is bad about this nation, tell us what is good.

Don’t offer empty platitudes about hope and change, offer positive solutions.

Follow up on the Contract with America.

This time though, We The People need to recognize our responsibilities and sign our own Contract with America.

1.  Vote

2.  Prevent election fraud

3.  Stand up for what is right, decent, and honorable

4.  Accept the fact that we are our brother & sister’s keeper

5.  Renew our spiritual life

6.  Pray for this nation

7.   Support our military

8.  Become positive role models for the youth in our community

9.  Encourage our youth to be patriotic and Republican

10. Fight the tide of darkness and evil which is threatening our spiritual well being

11.  Participate in the public process – run for office if necessary

12.  Back our elected officials who are doing a good job, encourage them