Teague Says He Isn’t Sure About Health Care


Harry Teague  had a health care forum in Las Cruces the other day.  He said that he was part of a group who asked that the vote on health care be put off until after the August break.


Tom Udall is allegedly having one in Ruidoso next week.  My mother, who told off some twit at AARP yesterday, calling him a liar, is already planning her questions.  She will be one of the better dressed mobsters.


4 thoughts on “Teague Says He Isn’t Sure About Health Care

  1. It’s interesting that Mr. Teague will stay in the central and west part of the state during this recess. There are no townhalls scheduled in Lea County this recess. His people propose they completed a tele-townhall. Me thinks Mr. Teague would be a bit uncomfortable to face those he is supposed to represent in this corner of the state.

  2. Hot off the wires … T Harry Teague to host Healthcare townhall in Southern NM community of Lake Valley. Participation is limited to only those residents currently living in Lake Valley.

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