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Yesterday, The Pink Flamingo featured the abjectly ignorant and pathetically illiterate ramblings of our favorite socialist Obama-bot commenter, “Lisa Pilgrim”.   “SC”, one of the Pink Flamingo’s regular readers and advisers thinks our little friend is from Chicago.  She said the lack of communication skills is very much what comes out of the Chicago educational system.

The Pink Flamingo and “SC” have spent several hours on the phone this evening tracing “Lisa’s” ISP.  It is quite fascinating and goes directly back to a company purchased by a company where George Soros is a major stock-holder.

Her arrogant, and ignorant ramblings must have been written, we surmise, during office hours at a company linked to one of those holding companies.

Killing Babies, the Elderly, and Now the Messenger

“The moment for complete socializm in the former United States will take at least 5 years, and you can be sure that the democratic party leaders will get our bill through, dont need any help from any other parties, those parties have failed and dont have the support the money or any power left after our last elections the american people made sure change could and would happen. To answer your question as long as you are able to take care of your loved ones at home without using government health care and burdening the system that is fine the system will only cancel families and offer death benifit plans (in the future not now) to families who have there loved ones put to rest, as the cost and quality of life have expired. It is understandable that you have been taught from childhood that some kind of supreme being exist thus forming religious sectors, well in the new government there is no room for this belief system for generations now we have been removing exposure of the childern in public schools from this kind of teaching, they formed more toward a kind society that will employ community centers to replace chruches this will not happen over night but gradually, so dont be so concered about this, you already know most religions have embraced homosexuality, gay marriage, and people have vote democratic leaders into power to help ensure these beliefs are accepted in schools the military has also been put under control to not preach against these things, so how can the church attempt to stand against anything now, the members and leaders have already joined the movement. Government education of our new generations will ensure that our future socialized society will happen, now more than ever we are moving in the right direction, nothing or no organization can stand against the DNC if you check even at local levels they are actively loyal and deliver money as needed to fight against voices against the new government to be formed. Once the controls on the media and radio stations are put in place next year by 2011 you to will see that this is the best course for the former united states, hopefully before 2012 elections we will have been albe to change the election process with our new wave of community groups to help control the election process so that the other parties dont find a way to block progress.
Please understand we do have compassion for the elderly and disabled, the old american system has failed. Can you not see the benifits of a society of health people were those who would have been over weight are no longer allowed to harm themselves, where when a child is born with a handy cap that would burden his or her family, would it not be better to end that before it becomes a problem, when our nursing homes are burdened with trillions in health care cost on caring for those who have little to no value to the american way of life and take away from the needs of the group of people who need the money to continue to be in control of society and governmental needs. the cost savings is too great and the solution can not be matched by anyone group there is no other solution that works so well, you will not find one republican or indipendant who can offer a plan that will save so much money so fast. The surviving companies in this have already joined us no one can stand against the DNC, dont waste time or efforts to resist the things you can not change, accept the things as they are and will be, in the future you will not be able to be involved in the decision making process this will relieve you from having to worry about such issue but as long as you hang on to the past you can not move forward. Please dont be angry I too used to believe it would be impossible to change the american way of life thought it was the best in the world but it failed the Democratic leaders have made it clear this type of system is of the past. Have a good day.”

Barack Obama’s Frankenstein Monster, Silent No More

Less be clear the DNC will not allow the loss of the House of Senate in the 2010 elections, the christian groups will pull the elderly back in line and they will vote as they always have for our parties movement what will continue to happen is educating the public into what they need to know there thoughts are misguided and will be silenced. We have more money and more supporters for our movement than any time in history, these small groups of misinformed people dont have the will nor the time to fight against this moment and reguardless of what the media channels that are not in line with the new government processes have to say they will be defeated. We will bring out new people who will win over the elderly and we will stay on tract for the next 12 years. Write all you want now as in the future this kind of so called freedom is anti american as per our new direction this is of the past and also needs to change, We need to set up a process in the US to monitor and approve all communications that would or could be made reference to the governement in power, as this has stopped progress in our movement. You will not find many who will be as open as we are in communicating with you. But we have been promised change and change is coming. What you have forgotten this is not a democracy it is a republic and the democratic leaders have to be loyal to the party. This will bring change.”

Has Fox Given Glenn Beck a Time Out?

“This should show you the power of the DNC as stated in a prvious post We have control over the Businesses that need us to survive and any tv show must have sponcers without them you have no money, his views are considered damaging to the party goals thus if he refuses to comply with boundries until new legislation is past he has to go or FOX will lose more and more sponcers cant make a profit if you dont have sponcers. He should have just toned down and complied with the new way of doing business, if you live in a glass house you dont send rocks through the air ways against the party in power, He will only be misse for a short time and othes will fall as he has and after a few months no one will care. In case you didnt know most of the Fox people support the DNC and its agenda so change their will come also or it will just go away through a buy out, this link has to be closed off. so if will become a priority for first of next year. With him in denial also this should tell you how weak the anti new government moment is. Fox should have joined the media reeducation program instead of counting on ratings. After our government health care system passes and become law, watch how fast FOX joins the program in putting out the data that people to hear. Next on the agenda is the anti government controls that need to be in place money is power and if you want to continue to have that you join.

I Told You Glenn Beck & Ron Paul Bots Were Dangerous

“If you chose to stay in power you must follow the party of power this senator understands that and is compling as he should he knows that his party doesnt have the answer and if his state wishes to get the funding it needs to survive he along with the others of his state will have to join us, is not far fetched to even say at some point he may even join the party moment and pledges his alegence to our goals.”

How the Dems Plan to Tamper with Our Bank Accounts

“This is not stealing the more money you have the more you should pay, this is clear until each american has been equaled out in terms of richness the wealthy should continue to pay back to the american society, as there wealth depreciates they will then join in being in line with the rest of the american population, it is not right for some to have more than others this system failed. the DNC should have control over your finincial affairs, the american people have not been able to manage there finicial obligations and with the government now controling the finincial sector it is only right that they have the ability to secure the funds without delay from the american public, the american people Know they need to pay the government back for all the programs that exist now and will exist in the future, we will eventually be in position to control housing and the place of employment for families to maximize the benifit of both the poeple and the government. no democratic leader has lied to the american people all of them were straight forward in the new government plan, so why do the few who have large sums of money worry so much about the future of this new government, you will still have a nice house a nice car, health care food and a comfortable way of life, all your needs will be provided for, you will still have jobs to support your families and at some point in the future jobs will be apointed for you. Life will be easier under our new government. Can you not see how much better it will be to allow the testing at universities determine by education boards apointed to help determin the job that best suits our countries needs for a graduating student and what about the ones who shouldnt have went to school and wasted the education that to can be stopped what about the one who could not afford it that to will be of the past. We dont need money we need simply credits system that is control by electronics our future will be much simpler, all bills paid without having to worry about paying late fees, money or credits go where they are supposed too. what about the people who cheat our government out of money now we are able to go to the foreign countries and take that money back should have been done a long time ago. The thought of government owing the people has made us bankrupt it is now time for all to share the burden. Why is it that the educated people of america can not see all the benifits to a new form of governance, we have been going away from the out dated constitution for years and yes it is time to form a new one with the new party in place, we are confident the DNC along with all its allies will secure more seats in the 2010 race futher proving that the majority of americans understand what must be done to continue on with some form of the old american life. The rich need to do as the christians have done get off your high ride horses and join the program just as they have done in supporting our new leaders at all levels, we hid nothing from the poeple they know our goals beliefs and values system they know there best interest is at heart so if you wish to be a part of the new order join your concerns will soon be relived and you will be able to continue with a good quality of life, if you resist in years to come that could have a consequence. Your off spring will be part of this new order and with it they will have peace and happiness as you yourself have not known, they will enjoy and be accustom to government rules and regulations that bond all into one order accepted by all and for all the poeple not just a few groups. The future is better than the past, we have all known that money is problem we now have reached the electronic age as with the old american government being of the past, as well as religion as we knew of it growing up, so has money reached it past as well. Each person has value and that value will be rewarded as to what they can own. If they find a way to earn more legally that is ok as well. But all americans in the new government system will have housing transportation to and from work, food allowances with there health in interest, medical education and a viable job that will provide there ability to keep the standard of living that has been allocated to them. This is a fail proof system and the DNC will have it delivered to the people, we were loyal to get them in office and they will be loyal to deliver.”


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