Karl Rove’s I Told You So!


The Pink Flamingo has been telling you – for ages now, that the reason the US Attorney for NM, David Iglesias was fired is because he refused to hand down indictments against some high level Democrats.  Karl Rove has been treated like dirt over it.

What is NEVER mentioned by liberals and the MSM is the fact that the day Iglesias replacement was in office, the indictments went down.  Very stiff prison sentences are now being served by some very high powered Democrats.

They also never mention that the Democratic party in NM is one of the most corrupt in the nation.

That that – Dems!

“...I told the committee—just as the White House acknowledged publicly in March 2007—that I had told the White House Counsel of complaints about David Iglesias, the U.S. attorney for New Mexico. Those complaints included the allegation that he failed to do anything about voter fraud in the 2004 election, even though that fraud appeared to be so egregious that the Bernalillo County clerk (a Democrat) and sheriff (a Republican) as well as the Albuquerque Journal all called for a federal investigation.

I also told the White House Counsel about complaints that Mr. Iglesias bungled a high-profile corruption case by interfering with career prosecutors, and that he shelved an indictment involving corruption in the construction of the Bernalillo County Courthouse for months. The accusation was that he refused to file the indictments until after the 2006 election out of fear that he might offend Democrats he would need if he ran for office himself.

These were serious allegations. I didn’t know if they were true, but I had a responsibility to pass them to the appropriate officials. The Justice Department needed to determine if they were accurate and, if so, weigh them appropriately. The allegations about Mr. Iglesias were similar to those Judiciary Democrats and their media allies raised against me—that the judicial process had been manipulated for political reasons….Democrats have seized on an October 2006 email sent to me by White House staffer Scott Jennings that said Mr. Iglesias shouldn’t “be shy about doing his job” on state Attorney General Patricia Madrid, who was then running to unseat Republican Rep. Heather Wilson. Despite all their digging, Judiciary Democrats produced not a shred of evidence that I encouraged Mr. Iglesias to undertake a prosecution….”