If This Person Is Not Worth Saving – Why Investigate His Death?


Hyperbole and satire are a great tool.  This is both.

If the Dems plan their Health Care Reform around rationing care for anyone over the age of 50 based on how much they can give back in taxes, then they’ll end up killing the youth.  You pay more taxes over the age of 50 because you are capable of earning more money.  Wonder if they thought of that?

If the Dems pass their version of Health Care Reform, and a person they think isn’t worth saving is the subject of wrongful termination of life based on a criminal action and not a political action, should that termination of life be investigated?  Why bother wasting tax-payer money investigating the cause of death.  If the person died by authorized medical practitioner and health care rationing, then the death would not be investigated.  If we are trying to control spending and ration care, why not ration police investigation?


The subject is an African-American male in his mid-50s.

He is emaciated, suffering from an obvious eating disorder which may indicate depression.

He has financial problems.

He is suffering from lupus.

He has a serious skin disorder.

He was dependent upon certain prescription drugs.

If we were to use the Democrats Book of the Dead, this person would be better off dead.  If this is the case, and his life had no value, why investigate it as a homicide?  Oh, and if a person’s life was worthless, why mourn that person.

Yea, it’s an extreme case, and I was never a Michael Jackson fan, but I can’t think of anything that better points out the idiocy and abject criminal mentality of the Democrats.

If someone other than Michael Jackson fit this profile, and we were living in the enforced era of Health Care Reform, and the person other than Jackson were terminated, would anyone care?

I know, the argument is convoluted and circular, but I guess the point is why bother fighting crime, why bother spending money investigating the death of someone who the government thinks is worthless.

What a horrible though.

What kind of soul-less individual would conceive of such things?

How do we fight them?